All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

You Come along and play in my mind,
And Asking her to be your valentine..

Oh, I was sitting in the dorm with books on the floor..
Knowing that I Could cover up no more..
It feels like hell, It feels so sad..
Oh, its raining, Even that Feels bad...

And then you come across and sit o your knees..
Took my hands, And I knew it would freeze..
"Love is great and love is kind.."
You say the words on my mind..

But Then the crossing of the maiden rime,
Which was never found in the sands of time..
You say she swept you off your feet..
And right now I have to compete...

And I sit by your side, And listen to the story unfold,
With All my woes and love yet untold..
She walks by the lawn and the look in your eyes..
For eons of time, I wondered where it lied...

And then you go and fall on her knees..
For some lady who is not even up on her own heels..
It feels so terrible so uptight,
To watch you let go off all your might..

For someone so low,
For someone so mean,
For someone long gone..
For someone just worn...

She throws you up like a junked..
And I run down the stairs totally flunked..
I couldn't stand you falling down your dreams,
And I wish I could say you, Or somehow scream....

And Then You came by, to tell me what you knew..
You didn't hope that I was actually on of the few..

Who would be with you in the dark days of the life..
Who would be with you just a farm wife..

So that when you grow old and cannot see,
You never have to search around to find me...

Who would be with you
To see your every dream come true...

Just like a small lamp flickered out of the dark
Just like that glow worm which flickers with a spark..
You suddenly realize what is Love...
Oh, It was you all along From Above..!

And then you pick me up amidst my tears,
And tell me now, not to have fears..
Coz the dews have dried and the winters is long gone..
Just look around and see the sun smiling upon!

And you hold me tight and make a move..
And I watch the maiden staring at you..
You don't care, You don't stare..
Coz, Life is just not a nightmare...

"Its a dream, dream dream,
and dreamy life...
And don't worry Honey,
We will make it all right"


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