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I am back with psychology.
Been a while since I penned down anything and this post is for all you people dreaming of someone.
Relationships are the things in life that can entice you in happiness, entangle you in emotions, dwindle down in confusions or strangle you to death.
And as the title says, I am here to speak about the strangling part of the story.

So, we aren't geniuses. We do make mistakes, choosing the wrong person, saying the wrong words, doing the wrong things. After doing these,we wonder ' Did I really say it?' And the next moment we blame our partners. 'It is all because of you.  You pushed me to this extent. How was I in the past and How am I today! I have lost all my limits cuz of you. Fell down my own eyes' and so on and on. 

But really, are they the real cause?

No, Sadly no. You have none to blame, except yourself. They gave you their space told you that they would stick with you forever doesn't necessarily mean you take them for granted. They ain't your play things that you can do whatever you want pull them push them hug them or hurt them. That is your problem, my dear readers. You wouldn't really use abusive language or have the nerve to hit them, if you knew they would desert you the minute you do so. And hence.

And for your information, fear of losing is probably one of the greatest forces that binds people together, more than love. Because people get bored with love, sadly. But fear of losing cliches you to hold the person tight.

And no matter, how much I pen down in here, I'll tell you, you really will let go off a person before you actually tie them tight- Fact of life. You and I cannot be spared. Curse of God, I think. Makes us realise all good things late.

And yeah, one more thing, probably the worst thing that can ever happen in a commited couple. Cheating and backstabbing- the worst of the whole lot. Even death isn't that painful! To be let down by someone on whose shoulders you rested upon your head and with whom you dreamed of an eternity of togetherness- It is like a castle built of glass and lo, behold it goes down leaving nothing behind.

There is no justification for this. You can accidentally fall in love, agreed but accidentally you cannot fall in someone's bed. Hence big or small these lies are lies. Look upon yourself, you have a boyfriend and you are here flirting with some stranger? That shouldn't make you feel good. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Think about the way he would feel when he knows it. No Justifications will help you. 

God bestows good relationships only for a very few. If it is on your plate, don't just underestimate or ignore it.
Lastly I would say only one thing:

Love the heart that hurts but never hurt the heart that loves.

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