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The surrounding world is eavesdropping on our doors,
Thinking that today we will settle all the old scores!
But it is these people whom we really deplore,
Why can't they let things be at wayward shore?

We come over, take a tour of the moments elapsed,
While they calculate that every thing has collapsed,
Why is it that I feel time has a bit relapsed,
Or are these my memories death traps!

Move a bit by side, let me go, I said,
"Wait a second, lets see if you really have bled,
Carrying such a futile high in sky type head,
Oh, where are you going ahead, dead?"

Musing mum with feets all numb in pain,
I try to face them all feebly again in vain,
"How can you try to ask such insane,
These questions just make my brain drain"
Love is all story of loss and gain,
There is nothing I have to complain
To speak about some things I refrain,
His life is where I enchantingly reign."

We do small talks, tiffs and buts,
There are times when I go nuts,
Witnessing a lot of bruises and cuts,
Still together with a bundle of guts!

We did play by the rain, sun and the storm,
This relationship did make us transform,
Forgetting all the ol' rules and norms,
Lets go along the world and just swarm.

Justifying the world never matters,
For they will always clap and clatter,
They smirk when your dreams shatter,
Lets not let things slither and scatter!

For our togetherness might be their jealousy,
But lets swirl together in eternal ecstacy,
I have a couple of blissful long fantasy,
Far and away from peer and near fallacy!

It is us who know how were the spun dreams,
It is you who gets happy seeing me in all beams,
To them no matter how or what it seems,
Lets merge together in the same stream!!

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