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Have you heard that story- The story that the life of a prosperous king was in a parrot? Have you ever felt how a dog could die when his master attains his abode? Is that attachment subconscious, don’t they ever feel bad?
They do feel bad. Inside all of us, is a heart that does feel. We all have a life- intricately blended with jubilance and sorrow. We soar in our dreams yet we sometimes are stuck at the start.

Remember the prime important thing is where you end up in life, not where you start or where you were stuck and where you broke out in exasperation. Probably your story would be heard by all, if you become famous. And people would speak, ‘ He struggled so much and he got in there.’ And blah blah. Probably the awe they have for you would last shorter than the sound of their applause in your ears. It would be forgotten.
Take anyone’s story. From the start everyone would have struggled. For your mom, your dad would have had the toughest struggle in life. For you, your mom’s struggle would seem toughest. Ultimately, one of us is going to believe that we have smiled through the worst of scenarios, made it through our dreams -Reached there, where we had dreamed of going. They might not have expected us to reach, but they are glad with the whole of their heart that we still made it.
Amidst this there is peer thing, peer pressure. When we did our 12TH we were so scared about the rest of life. At that point the loss of 0.25 marks meant loss of life. They called it cut-throat competition, so much hype that in four years (or may be even before that) , our marks lost its charm. One student, dumber than you, chose Geology., she is happier. One chose to become a house wife, she is happier too. One fellow is an aero engineer, he is happy too. Another is a film-maker, he is happy too.
Then who are the sad ones? The ones who gave in. Gave in thinking they would create an awe in the minds of others. He had option between engineering and singing. Became an engineer, wanted to be a singer. 
And remember the farther you travel in life, the less people are concerned about your choices. Because by then they would have stereotyped you. Anything you do, no matter what, is not going to change that stereotype in their heads. Thus, the only person who is of prime concern at the end of the day would be just you. And your dreams, of course!
It is a simplest of choices you make, that ends up defining you. 
No matter what you do, they will always speak! You might be amazed, but they will still speak. Succeed in profession, they’ll ruin your personal reputation. Get your love, they’ll blame it for blowing up your career.
Have you ever thought how easy it is to pull someone from the top, but how difficult it is to muster up courage and fight back from ashes?

And yeah, I did see some posts in social networking websites saying , ‘If you ever have A confusion between your personal and professional life, remember your job will not hug you back at home, but your wife will.’  Agreed personal ties are important. But they are double-edged swords. What hugs you at one end, might also prick you at the other! Your dream is just your’s on the other hand, you might be enjoying it today or hoping for it tomorrow, but in the end it will always be yours. It might elude you, but it will never desert you at the toughest phase of life.
Dream and Aspire. Love might leave and come back. Passion doesn’t. Dreams don’t.
And lastly like the king, find your parrot and guard it with all your life!


Once there lived leaders who influenced people, by appealing them with their strong words. Now most of them are using it as a free tool of publicity.

Has the decade really come? When words seem useless, you don't realize the importance of it.. "Pen is mightier than sword" they said. Because killing people took just a minute, but making them realise their mistakes through words, probably was worser than that. Would you like to receive a text message everyday saying all the mistakes you did? No. Certainly not.

Sadly the decade has come. Voices of thousands of people against the crimes happening in the country are flooding in social networking sites. Why just crimes? They do tweet about everything climate, cricket, personal stuff and all. Who cares? Nobody. Because even if they did- well, forget it-they don't.

It is called social-networking because it was created to network with the society that we lived in. The people whom we liked. The leader whom we chose. If it isn't a two-way network, what is it going to be used for? You aren't going to take the words seriously, then how do we communicate? Sign-language?

And people say they have a pain in reading.. Since when let me know? You say it is boring. You say you are lazy. There are millions out there, I swear find happiness in recognizing letters in any printed material. Aspiring for education. You've lost the happiness. Probably, you would just like the article or say some words like 'good', 'nice', 'worthy' and move on. But wait a minute- did you read it fully? Again a no.

Realise the power of words. Journalism is a field worth utmost respect. Have you ever thought how much the swap of a single word in a sentence gives you a difference in sense? You should try feeling the word. There is difference between 'jubilant' and 'ecstasy'. If you don't feel it, I am sorry for you- the so-called-Literate-Educated-Human. Superior than every living being in the world- In what sense, I wonder!

There are still people out there whom by now, you would have branded as 'Class-A: Nerd' who read books, read magazines, lose themselves in whatever they find. They read positive stuffs and feel positive. 
Have you ever wondered how some letters can make you feel absolutely amazing, even in those situations when you don't even want to smile?

If you din't then, I am sorry again. 

Penning this down, as I don't want Reading habit to become extinct in the course of time. Realise the importance of words.

It takes a lot to admit Love, Love for immortal beings and Love for Words!

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