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It is really a great art to communicate effectively and put forth things, just the way you mean or think. As we move down the lane of life, we get better at communication- is our perception. But is that the truth? Sadly no!

I think it is better to revert back to sign languages rather than smiley language! For once no human being could decipher the code behind all the whatsapp and other such messenger smileys. What would be the difference between :D and ^.^ . No one knows. Ask my mom, she would say a bird is about to fly. Or maybe it already flew.

By the way is smiley the only issue? No, texting language has killed our normal thinking ad judging capacity. A just found acquaintance wont hurt you, even if you are a detestable creature! Someone who knows your dreams, wont make fun of it. But no, we dont see the bigger picture. A joke ends up in a emotional showdown. A subtle sarcasm kindles hatred. Two extra dots at the end of a sentence makes others feel you are least bothered. Two exclamatory mark means they love you! Aint it?

When you were in grade 8 and randomly meet a grade 5 friend, you would get a fleeting feeling of happiness. An old friend, a coincidental meet- that takes you back in time! A 5 min talk and probably a phone number (not cell phone) You would just walk away knowing that the day couldn't have been better. But now? People rarely are happy bumping into others. 'I sent her a text at 5, she was online, she didn't reply, so why should I bother to say a hi in person now.'- is your attitude. We do realise that there is a fair chance that the person was busy but then whatever it is, they have to make the first move- isnt it? Like you would check the messages tab everyday to see if the particular girl you are interested in has replied to a text you sent some months ago, but wouldn't step down a level for a friend- Seriously?!

And judging people. 'xx speaks good to me. She is a good girl. I think she can be a good friend of mine.' Suddenly you come to know she has been texting another friend of yours. Just texting, you dont even know the context of their conversation. Your voice- 'She texts two guys. I can see what sort of a girl she is.' Like do you have only one contact in your address book for real? 

And okay, accept it you all have that one person or persons that you wished you lost contact with. Not that you hate them, but people and their beliefs change with time. Their presence in your life today would just lead to complications. We all have a childhood friend who we were close to but now it is just a mere acquaintance basically because mindset, thought process and your beliefs differ. Now with them on your social networking site, trying to keep updated with your life, it is only fair that both of you would feel awkward and before long, start hating each other or judging each other.

Gadgets, applications and websites do not necessarily connect us beyond distance. They just take us away from the person next to us. How irritating it is when a newbie is trying to make a conversation while you just glue your eyes on the mobile screen! It is undoubtedly useful, nevertheless it causes a pile of misunderstandings. The way you meant and the way it gets deciphered down the receivers end can be damn different. 

Ridiculously outrageous are those who speak a tonne in social networking, but never say the first hi in person in any social gathering!! 

Better ensure this doesn't cause your breakup, staying away from psychology at the moment- so no updates on that now!
I'll be back to writing soon.

Loads of Love,

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