All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

"It was an official meeting.."

"Official In Coffee Day?"
"The Client Said It Was Easy For Him To Come There.."
"And Brownie Was Mandatory For The Meeting..??"
"You Know What, Just Forget It!!!"

slams the door- end of conversation..
You may not be committed, in love or married.. (maybe I did type in the wrong order) Or may be you never even are aware of why you are still reading this..
But, The fact is you are still in this!!

And Ya, like my mother says, 'You can always share with me..'
And As I said Her Back.. 'You can probably be compassionate about my problems, But you cannot solve the same..' When our parents were of our age, they were married, in arranged.. There seemed no complications in the same, as women did not step out of the home mostly, and even if they did work, they did it from home..
Fact is.. The moment the stepped out of their dad's shadows, their husbands supported them.. There never came a point of time when their independence mattered.. And In fact they preferred this.. There was no question of 'Is my dad a good person' or 'Is my husband a good one..' ever in their life.. Their trust was blind, like the kid that is thrown in mid-air laughs loudly knowing that his dad would obviously won't let him hit the ground.. And in fact, this blind trust instilled a subtle feeling in the husband/dad's heart that at no point of time should they be let down....
The sanctity of relationships, is hard to find these days....
Hence, long gone are those times.. Now, with the woman entering the work scenario, she has to interact with a number of male colleagues.. No matter how good your guy is when you are owned by him, there is no good reason in the whole world that he shouldn't be possessive about you.. he is going to be, whether or not he admits it.. There is always this one guy/ girl whom you never want to be nearby your partner.. :)
You know you are the one.. No matter how many colleagues they spend time with at the end of the day business meetings aren't going to make any way through in dreams.. But you are going to make through it.. Remember a simple coffee or a simple message having the word 'dear' to someone who is actually not that dear, isn't going to make any difference at all in both of your life's.. You share a workspace.. You see them speaking with your boss and coming up.. Now that you are fuming and fretting, you can be happy.. You are normal, you like them, and this is meant to happen.. Take a deep breath and get back to work..

Don't spoil the intricately spoiled fabric of a relationship, for simple dust..
React and let it go in a moment..
Sti ..

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