All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

No No..

I Had promised Myself I Wasn't Gona Quip About the Bizzare And The Inhuman Thing That Happened To The Most Scientifically Advanced Country...

Japan.. The Country That Amazed The World In Robotics.. Known For The Wooden Houses.. Inventories Like Robots.. And Their Unique Appearances And their Culture...
it Had Always Been Like The Little Nuisance In The World.. Nuisance To Those Who wanna To Prove Themselves Great.. the Country Had Offered Immense Competition In This Fast Paced World...
How Many Of You Knew About kansai International airport..
The One That Was Built Up In The Middle Of The Sea...
Still An Engineering Marvel...
But It Was Never Given A Position Which It Deserved.. And U Guys I Love The Fact That You Never Give Up..
The pearl Harbour incident And The Atomic Explosions Still Boom In The Minds Of People.. Is Still In the History books Of Students..
As If That Wasn't Enough
They Had Contributed To the Future Also...

Sadly The Phoenix Has Demised...

The Day Dawned On 11 March... Not An Expected Epic Day.. Yet Another Day In The Lives Of People.. We Are Common People.. We Eat.. We Drink.. We Breathe .. And We Live..
"At The End Of The Day.. Ll B Happy With My Family" Is wat everyone Thought On The earth..
Afterall Happiness Is All We Seek In Life :)

Btw world has Really Become Materialistic... I Google As Japan Tsunami In News.. And This Is What I Get..

Search Results

  1. Radioactive releases following Japan tsunami can last for months ...

    Sify - 26 minutes ago
    US and Japanese experts have suggested that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled nuclear plants in the aftermath of an earthquake-cum-tsunami in ...
    Asian supply chain rattled by Japan quake, tsunami- Reuters
    Tsunami alert lifted in Japan, vigil continues- Hindustan Times - Economic Times
    all 21709 news articles »

    Globe and Mail
  2. Maruti Suzuki falls 3 per cent after earthquake, tsunami in Japan

    Economic Times - 1 hour ago
    MUMBAI: Shares of Maruti Suzuki fell by nearly 3 per cent in morning trade on the BSE today amid concerns that the powerful earthquake and tsunami that ...
  3. Facebook games to help Japan quake victims

    Times of India - 7 minutes ago
    The players can pay through credit cards and the entire proceeds would go to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children's Emergency Fund. ...
    More than 70000 children displaced in Japan earthquake and tsunami-IBTimes Hong Kong
    Video Games for Tsunami/Earthquake Relief in Japan- About - News & Issues
    Facebook Causes Rallies Help For Japan's Tsunami- AllFacebook
    ReliefWeb (press release) - San Jose Business Journal
    all 291 news articles »

    Virgin Media Music
  4. Future of trade with Japan unclear after tsunami

    ABC Online - 5 hours ago
    The devastation in Japan from Friday's earthquake and tsunami will disrupt trade for some time. Japanese industry is reliant on Australian minerals, ...
    Investors 'stalked by fear' after Japan's, tsunami, earthquake-
    Japan earthquake: second explosion rocks Fukushima nuclear
    Voice of America - Washington Post
    all 13272 news articles »
  5. Japan crisis unlikely to impact India: Jim Rogers

    Economic Times - 24 minutes ago
    ... talks about Asian markets , oil and commodities as well as the impact of the Japan quake and Tsunami on the global economy and the Indian market. ...
  6. Japan quake tsunami won t trigger sell-off here - 3 hours ago
    Markets on Friday erased earlier gains as a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. But overall stock markets seem to have weathered it okay, ...
  7. Corn Demand in Japan to Tumble on Quake, Tsunami Devastation

    BusinessWeek - Aya Takada - 14 minutes ago
    ... from Japan, the world's biggest importer, may decline after the nation's strongest earthquake on record and a tsunami disrupted as much as 20 percent of ...
  8. Satellite photos of Japan, before and after the earthquake andtsunami

    Washington Post - 3 hours ago
    Analysts believe the powerful earthquake moved Japan's main island eight feet, shifted the Earth on its axis four inches and unleashed a devastatingtsunami ...
    Dramatic satellite images taken of Eastern Japan show the amount ...- Daily Mail
    New NASA Satellite Photos Show Japan Tsunami Devastation- PC Magazine
    NASA Image: GOES-11 Satellite Sees Pacific Ocean Basin After Japan ...-Space Ref (press release)
    all 37 news articles »
  9. Quake Affects Little in SK Economy, So Far

    Wall Street Journal (blog) - Evan Ramstad - 14 minutes ago
    The effect of Japan's earthquake and tsunami on South Korea's economy seemed small on the first day of business since the twin disasters. ...
    Seoul shares seen down after Japan quake, tsunami- Reuters
    all 236 news articles »

    Korea Times
  10. Speedways towards tsunami-hit Japanese regions blocked

    Sify - 26 minutes ago
    Japan's northeastern Fukushima prefecture, one of the most seriously affected by the 9 magnitude quake and the tsunami, suffers a shortage of petrol and ...
    New tsunami warning for Japan cancelled- Herald Sun
    Japan tsunami and earthquake - Live coverage- The Guardian (blog)
    Four RI sailors missing in Japan disaster- Jakarta Post
    Daily Mail - AFP

    Is Maruthi Suzukis Fall More Important????
    Impact On India???? :O
    And Excuse Me.. Effect On Economy??
    Is That Wat Humanity Is??

    Sadly The Biggest And regrettable Answer Would Be A Big Yes..
    Who cares About tsunami or Eathquake.. We Care About Our Life.. A Friends Happiness... Mebbe A Sport.. Mebbe A Family Function....
    fact: Even Though We Don't Have Humanity, We Are Humans.. Coz This Is How A Normal Middle Class Human Being's Thought Is..
    And I really Dont Think I would Like To Comment On The High Class.. I Maintain Decency Of My Blog.. And There Are Some Standards For people Who read Em...

    I Donno What Its All About.. But I Really Feel Sorry Not Only For The Lifes Lost.. But Also Their dreams Hopes Which went into ashes..
    The Smiles Which Went Into Numbness...
    The Race For Saving Life, Which Ended...
    The Waves Which Hit In All Their fury...
    The radiations Roaring Across The Sky...
    And As U Sitting Over There Should Feel Ashamed...
    Its No Time To Thank Your Stars.. And Feel Lucky That U Live..
    Death Is Inevitable.. Living At Its Best Is Optional.. :)
    1. And I Now Call Upon The God..
    1. To Ask Him To Be fair And Square..
    1. And Not To Just
    1. Test The Best!

        1. And Here I Am Blissfully Sitting And Staring At Your Ashes....
        1. From It Will Arise
        1. The Pheonix..

              1. With Regretful And deeper Condolences,

People Of The Indian Clan have A Great Knack.. Knack Of Forgeting Things, Reacting Too Much And Making Competitors Miserable...

Oh No... Please Dont Misunderstand anything.. I get Along with my college folks more than wat i got along with anyone in my
And after many days.. With an empty stomach (thanks 2 all power cut prbs ..kudos!!) And a more heavier heart,.. (wish I was Home.. typing this wud've been a pleasure!) I'm Here To Tell U The Story Of The Single Girl... C'mon now.. clap :P

It all begun when I hated electronics.. Till today I wonder Why.. thanks To My Super Scientist daddy.. I Had had enough of electronics in my life.. Anyways kirchoff never made any sense to me... Neither do todays sessions of DIAC s TRIACs
And Boldly :P (Self -appraisal) I Took Mechanical engineering.. Rather A Branch Of it.. Automobile I Guess.. :)

In The Age Where girls Use Anti-Aging Creams At The Age of 18... Golden Glow.. (Might Me Midas Touched it.. lol) I was Put up In A Class.. Wait A Sec.. I Have To Smile.. Theres Another Person Who Is Staring At Me... Across the Corridor.. Sigh!!

People I Tell U All These Days I Had Had Enough Of Gossips About And As To Why I Had Taken Automobile Engineering..
Some Reasons Which I Had Never Thought In A Lifetime..
Like I Wanted The Attention Of Guys.. Undivided Fyi... I wouldve become a model or something like that or maybe even more worse If it was true.... I tell U this More Frankly...

And Yes... I Do walk almost some 10 km everyday.. from the first ray of the morning sun to the scorching heat till the eve with the chirping birds...
And Yes... I do Feel Bad When I Have To Sit Alone In The First Bench.. And Never Have Anyone To Ask For Herlp, Or Doubts Or Maybe Even An Extra-Pen During Classes...
And Yes... Sometimes people Think I'm No Good In Running Engines.. And I Stay Away Just Because I've Never tried em.. Untill This week.. When I Came 2 know I Can....
And yes.. I Can easily slither beneath a vehicle Look inside and come out of it, even more easily.. It isn't awkward...
And yes.. I Always travel Alone.. And Everyone Knows That.. That Doesnt Mean I Want Company... Its Heavenly To be This Way Too!!
And yes.. I don't think Whomever I end up with in my life would have problems with my studying in such an atmosphere.. And I think there is no point in explaining this to anyone..

And If You Still Want To Know The Reason Why I Chose This Field,

Its called "PASSION"
One Word Is Enough For A Life-Time..
And This Feeling Is Much More Stronger Than What Any Girl Feels For A Guy, Or what any mom feels for her son!

With Loads Of Love,
To All People Who Still Think I'm In The Wrong Place,
Its Not That Way!


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