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They all fall down, they all get up,
So why are you felling low tonight?

It isn't worth a little tear, Just burst your heart out,

What happened was your fear, so just let it all go out!
Yet remember that life is at times fair, if not always,

Today you'v had your share, their's in the future lies.

Pull yourself from these rags, they aint worth a penny,
Your attitude is the only lag, bring it on like many!
Troddles of despair and desperation might be avid,
But be sure footed every step you further proceed.

Smile as if you have never had a frown,
Move around like you own a studded crown,
Let the rays of truth shimmer out after all the fun,
Let all those who vilified lies crash and run!

They speak when you walk, They speak when you sit,
They record when you talk, with gorgeously fake outfit!

Deep down they pray to hypnotize you with a wand,
Or make you one among their wanna be famous  band,
But it is high time you strode forward and yawned,
Because you are so much better and beyond.

They all fall down, they all get up,
So why are you felling low tonight?

Haven't you always had yourself at the end of the day?
In the moments of insecurity, din't you alone pray?
Those who did wrong shall, God forbid, always pay.
Why do you bother, the sun is on, hence make hay.

People matter, only of you want them to matter.
Rumours clatter, only if you let them to clatter.
Faith clutters, only if you let it clutter,
Hence adorn a new attire, before it is time to retire!

Still feeling low tonight?
Cry your heart out, wipe your tears,
The hands to help you are the end of your fingers,
Waste a day or two in such disheartening endeavors,
But then rise up and glow in all jeers!

Why does it have to be this way? To feel so low about yourself, when out there there at people envying to step  in your shoes. To the exterior way the glam and glitter of all the laurels and accolades to shine bright, so much that people turn their faces away in the glitz of it, what embraces at the end of the day is deep felt loneliness. Scare. To fail, it never changes does it? New things you do new places you go, try to rise up like you have never fallen, move about that there is no obstacle. Pray that eventually things will come into place. It never does.
The minutes of insecurities are too much. For when you stop and look back, you don’t see how much you have got. You only see how much is lost.You do move ahead, in paces more than what average do, probably paces that none ever had moved or will move, but it doesn’t help out. You cant get over it. Professional success cant guarantee you happiness. You can’t hug your certificate. All man longs for care. All I miss is care.
I so wish people never expected anything on me. I would give upon every dream right now, to see who would actually be there when I am nothing. But unfortunately that isn’t necessary, because there is nothing already in my life. You only have to check upon people when you doubt on them. I have no doubts people have all left, I have nothing left. For the goodness of mankind, I am alone.
Even all those who were never ever good to me, I prayed their better half’s should be miraculously good. I wonder where I did go wrong. In being passionate? In thinking that I have to give the best shot in whatever I did? Being passionate at times is a great crime in itself. You don't realize the fine line between calling it your passion and obsession. I would even work for free just for the joy of it. You would call me foolish. But I don care. Neither did I before.
To me these are just empty sounds. My insecurities were and are still the same. To be deserted at the heights of professional success. I long for care.
I am only me, that is all I can ever be.

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