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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

When a girl proposes, the guy says::::

1.yes....... even i think you are greek Goddess...!!

2. why are you disturbing me in my sleep..... by coming in my dreams...!

3.i thought so myself too... But before we could go on i would like to ask what did you like in         me the most?!

4.Lets go out for the night....!

5.Yeah... your best friend told the same thing to me yesterday too..!!!

6.Do you feel it when you see my eyes..?? :P

7. Arrgh!! why do you all disturb me like this?? Have a courtesy for my privacy!!

8. ooooooooo!!! I will die with happiness now....

9.Well..... Do I look like brad pitt????

10. wow!! I never imagined someone as cute as you!!

11.I knew that for years... Do we have to say that?!

12.Personally TO MAKE YOU HAPPY ILL HAVE TO BREAK 1000 HEARTS BACK IN        COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much do you love me??????

14.What can you do for me?!

15.Will you come with me whenever I call you?!

16.I wouldnot mind but ma GIRLFRIEND would...

17.Rare reply : i think i am engaged!!

18.Actually my mom would not like you!!

19. classic nerd reply.... "i have to study right now!!"

20.GEE... glad you like me.. coz i like you too..............!

21. Was it love at first sight?? Did you know that when you saw me itself?! lolzzz

Some people say girls are stupid.. 

Some believe girls are beauty with brains.. 
Some feel that girls bundles of emotions.. 
Some feels girls are boring.. 
Some feel girls are wonderful.. 
Some feel girls are nerds.. 
Some feel girls are just play things...................................................

So what are girls?! They say "Yaar pyar karo toh andha pyaar karo.. kyunki ladki ko samajna mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai..." are girls really un predictable?! nah.. i don think so... 

Basically girls all girls are not the same.. everyone is unique... some believe in their beauty, some their brains, some their power... And girls are not weaklings.. Scientifically it has even been proved that they are can take a lot of hard and  difficult sad happenings more than their normal male conterparts...

So i just keep thinking what to write in this article of mine.. When i go downstairs i see two little girl  tweens sitting with beautiful dolls.... they pet it.. they coy it... and they give it food... they just love it.... I get a question "why do girls love toys and teddies??"... i keep wondering... their affection towards the adorable things are basically, the feminine trends... being caring, protective and concerned......

To think about it i still remember my bro.. asked me on valentines day about why girls love teddies.... I dint get any good reply i just said ... "Have you ever seen a married woman carrying a teddy... they don't right?! So when we get cute guys we leave our teddies and be with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jokes apart... women just need a kind attention , care, protection and love.... for intelligent ones they just need you around.... thats all... they are not all unpredictable!!!!!!!! :)

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