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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

"Life is not a matter of milestones, but moments..." 
I don't know who said this. But I'm pretty sure its the best thing a man can ever come up with..
Ah! Finally the year has ended pretty sure, has been very very good, great and awesome and what not?! 

It has Been the best of times and Of late I have a lot of people whom I have to thank a lot...

My college People First.. :D

My classmates all in general have helped me very much this year.. You guys are really the best of the people I have ever been bestowed with...
In specific.. The eleveners gang.. The original and L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y dayscholars.. Nothing can actually tell you guys how much I missed you people in these holidays... :)

Vivek, Ranjit, Uday Kiran, Vignesh, Senthil, Victor, Krishna, Venkat, Sridhar, Riyaz and Vignesh - This year has been the best! and that birthday bash is something I'll never forget ever in my life! Far from home, I still didn't feel lonely..

Riyaz and Venkat - DRDO ipt was Awesome, Thank you guys!

And to the ICF gang- Thanks

And to all you people above- Thanks a lot for making me feel comfortable with you people.. Thanks a tonne :) Just wanted to say that your presence is valued a lot :)

Ash Freya, Divya, Suganya, Preethika, Divya Priya and Blessini - Love you people !! There are a very few girls who actually make a difference to me.. And you are one among them! :)

And The next- My seniors..
"Great people Never notice the little things that they do in life.. "
is a simple statement for my seniors..
In a place far away from home, they were the ones who showed little signs of recognising me...
Praveen, Sakthi,Preethika, Subha akka, Harini akka,  Murali, Kavi anna- This one goes out for all the times you guys spent near the canteen, under the tree shade... I'll never forget the things that you guys spoke and the fun you had...
Sathya and Cibi - The B'day bash with you and Sridhar is something that will live in my memories and thanks for that!

To all the people who steadily give me comments on my blog - Vignesh Natarajan, Swaminathan, Uthra, Sathya Narayanan,Prasad, Sukanya, Karthikayini and last but not the least Aravind - I am still writing only because of you people, or else long ago I would have quit!

And to my school friends gang- Athipathi, Sowmya, Priyadharshini, Swaminathan, Uthra - We don't meet often now, of course- Still you people mean a lot to me!
My school junior and a steady friend Prasanna- who has like broken the myth that I am alone.. Thank You- for the IIT -Saastra company and lot more..
My TIME friends - Murali, Nanda kiran, Pranav, G3 and Anusha- You guys ll always be close to me.. And the re-union is very soon :P
Lekha Sri, Vignesh Natarajan and Aravind.. Your quick wit and sarcasm will take you a long way.. Loved every status of yours this year..

Naresh and Naresh :P Both of you are awesome in your own ways.. The Cafe Coffee day and The Rock treat Is something I Hold very close to my memories.. Both of you- Whenever you guys are down, remember I am always Around!!

Prem Bharath and Priyadharshini - Times have changed.. But still you guys have a special place in my life... 

Ashfaq- You might be busy, But still You are the best brother ever :)

Five people... Five Who Have Been In The Ups and Downs Of 2011...

My Mom- I know I am the stupidest, careless and the most irritating specimen ever :P But still thanks  for putting up with me.. Anyways leaving me wasn't an option for Love you :D (Mein senti ho gayi hun :D)

My dad- Yup, chief! I'll always be better Engineer among us dad.. :D You may be a scientist, but you are not a student :P 

My Bro- Okay.. I guess ll speak later about us.. Coz we have a match to watch together.. You are the Best bro... If I understand how guys are, its just because of you ... 

And Two People - UthraPriya And Swaminathan..
No matter how many people come and go.. Its been 5 long years... Yet it feels like yesterday..!! They say true relationships come over the test of times.. Ours did :) Both of you have been the Best people in my life.. That is just because I can be myself with you guys.. If I yell, you guys ll yell more than me.. If I fight with you, you guys ll fight back.. But when I am down.. Both of you are right there to give that comforting shoulder...
Uthra, life has always tested us.. When I am happy you are sad.. When I am sad, you are happy.. Sigh!! But always, Always- we have smiled through everything.. I might sound mature, independent to the rest of the world, but to you - I'll always be the carefree tomboy who ll never fall in love and be the dare-devil of the lot.. I have said this a lot to you.. And I am saying again.. YOU ARE MY GEM [Preethi: she might be your sis, but she is my bestie :P ] And yesh, I might grow up, but I'll always be possessive about you :D The times we spent watching all crying and girly movies at your home are the best... Nothing can beat those moments.. And the only hangout of ours this year-The Express Avenue.. The Afternoon Chat  at the EA.. was the best thing ever... One tight hug over the miles... To all the hurdles that we have overcome :) 
Sam, umm.. okay where do I start.. I don't know..!! What I do know is you are one person who understands my situation at times.. Thanks for staying by my side, whenever I was down and Thanks even more for correcting me, when I was wrong! I am grateful to you for many things and well you could say the same :P Mr.Man Of Few Words :P And Ya accept that Engineers are better than doctors- No arguments on :D And someday take time and Read, I mean Really Read what I write, instead of skimming :P 

And This Pic Is Jus For You Guys :) 

Finally Thanks a lot to all you wonderful people in year.. I'm winding this thing up... 
Love you guys, from the bottom core of my heart..
2011 has  been good with you people.. Hope 2012 is even Better...
This post was my way to wish you
Swathi :)

"I earned all I wanted, My life is very sophisticated right now, I am living the dream of  every middle-class man.."
But am I happy?
No, My wife feels I don't love her, My son is far away earning more, my pet died..
It didn't rain since a while and my favorite plant died, the lawn needs a bit mowing.
I didn't jog since years, the morning dawn seems long lost...

Was I engrossed too much in my routine that I didn't notice time run away?

This is probably the mindset of everyone, at some point of time in their life.. We all have goals in life, some work on deadlines, some use their lifelines.. Some work for their dream, some struggle hard for others dreams.. But we don't realize how much can be done and how much we actually do...

In a normal life apart from our "mechanical routine".. Getting up, cursing yourself for the over sleeping thing.. Hoping that the day goes well.. A hurry-burry exit from the home, with a soul less meal.. An entry at the college/ office hoping at least that there is one person who comes late than you.. Then Evilly grinning at the guy who fulfilled your wish..  Knowing that nothing remarkably great is going to happen, hoping that time flies by through the day.. Another pulling the leg session or listening to stories of your colleagues you never bother about at the lunch table.. And the afternoon session half-dozed half-awake.. Well nobody bothers anything about it! And evening dozing off again, glued to computer.. Worry about how useless your life is, how you are ever going to catch up with people... Promise yourself that you will work hard for the next opportunity and then forget all about it, and sleep hard...

Sounds perfectly like you?
Ya, It is You :)

What could be done in this normal Mechanical routine??

Yup, Exercising... Trust me even 20 minutes of some exercise or say 10.. would make a big difference to you.. You feel fresh with the first brush of the morning air.. Not even sternous exercise just jumping around and doing the basic warmup would make you feel very better..

Listening to instrumental music..

More than lyrics, instrumental music has deep calming and soothing effects.. In fact listening to music while meditating is also a good idea.. Try meditation either at morn or eve..

Go for walks at the end of the day in deserted roads nearby, They make you feel much better and relaxed..

 Do craft work or painting, write or read.. It is called hobby.. People forgot this word long ago.. Renew it.. Atleast now...

There Hangs a quote in my wall which I personally believe a lot:

"In Life. There Is Never A Wrong Time To Do The Right Thing.. "

Start now, it isn't late :)

Swathi :)

I know my blog has always been about my writings.. But in this I'm humbly asking you for help.. I request people belonging to the department of "MECHANICAL ENGINEERING" and who are preparing for GATE/GRE to please leave their contacts.. So as to I can communicate about the study material and stuffs.. Please I request you humbly.. I need people to work with.. Kindly acknowledge..

My heart-felt thanks to all people who bothered to spend a minute to read this..


And I was supposed to see you...

The night had been restless enough,
And a slight sleep even had seemed tough,
The last time I saw u, times were rough,
I said ill let u go- another plain bluff!!

T'was during the summer, now spring has set in,
And the truth had pierced me like a pin,
You were closer to more than even a kin,
And your silence was the only sin..

And I was sitting on the porch,
My eyes were fully parched,
To say all the things that troubled large,
Was all ready to make the final march..

You came down the path like yet another day,
More handsome than I could every say,
With a smile that made all my visions blur,
And a physique that made me subtly stir..

I stumbled with no words to say,
The look on your eyes took me miles away,
And I was lost in my world of fantasy,
With no tunes to describe my ecstacy!!

I looked down the ground with a hush,
T'was the first time I knew about blush,
T'was the time when cheeks glowed in rush,
And it was for you- my only crush...

You knew I couldn't stay away for long,
You knew I wanted to say it all along,
The feelings could be pouted into a song,
Oh, But I wasn't so strong..

I began my words in a whisper,
Though I wanted to be much more crisper,
All I wanted to do was whimper,
Or maybe I did lisper..

You didn't let me speak a word,
You hugged me tight like a gird,
You kissed me and my visions blurred,
The rest of the story is just unheard...

With more tales yet untold,
And more happiness to unfold,
I walked by your side very bold,
With a luring destiny to behold!

Love Is not a glancing spree,
Love is not about leaving free,
Its about a forever glee,
And it is always about you and me!!

Messi :)

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