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Not intended to hurt anyone's feelings!
Rita and her gang were sitting in a coffee shop.. "And so, I told him to come over to my place so that I could see him, And can you believe it, he actually said a no.."
The girl next to her let her icecream run down.. "OMG! He said that?? I mean how could he.."
Rita shifted... "Well, I knew he was working overtime.. I just wanted him to say that he did want to meet me.. But then he didn't.. Not that I really wanted to meet him..."She looked around for support..."You know I'm not an obssessive gf right? Not Like the ones we studied with, right girls..?? he doesn't reciprocate my feelings.. I feel so lonely.. "
"He has to be the meanest guy ever... I mean guys how, how can they be so irresponsible and so dumb at heart...??"
At this point the girl at the other end of the table had a grim expression.. "This is nothing... You know what my guy did...??"
She, of course became the center of attraction now.. Before she could even begin, three of them were around her.. "Its okay.. We are here for you.."
"he forgot my mom's bday.. I always remember his moms birthday!!" She wailed aloud...

After a few minutes of silent exchange... "You know what we should make them pay for all this.."
Rita banged the table.." I am so going to break up with him.. This is just ridiculous.. !!"
The other girls exchanged looks and thought it was the appropriate thing to do.. "I told him we shouldn't speak for a while and can you believe that he did n't argue with him.. So he doesn't even understand that I do want him to say that he wants to stay..."
Rita wailed.. "All men do is this.. Exploiting our feelings and emotions in all possible ways.. Making us look stupid.. You know what, we are much independent than them.. Its they who need us... But they make us feel small, so that we would be with them.."

Rita got a call from her guy, she moves out...
"Hello baby.. My work got over.. The minute it got over, I thought I should speak with you.. I am so sorry that i couldn't come over the other.. I was wondering if I could make it up tonight so that my dear wont miss me... "
Rita had a big smile.. " Love you for this baby!! M so lucky to have you... I completely understood when you said you were busy.... M glad you could take some time for me.. I promise, tonight ll b the best time ever..."
He blows a kiss over the phone and hangs up..

Rita comes over and clears her throat.."well, he apologised and wants to make things up.. After all who else can he be without me?? So, m off shopping, I need to buy stuffs for the evening.."
The rest of the girls broke into applause and gave her a big smile...

From the other end of the cafe, Rita's guy said.."GIRLS!!!!" :D 

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