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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

Saw the redwood tree by the lake,
Reminding me of all the mistakes..

Remember the times when life was fun?
Remember the times when pain hurt less?
Remember the times when love was a dream?
Remember the times when joy was in a scream?

Now its coming down all over,
I would do anything to have it all over,
Musing memories just might hover,
But just makes me even more sober..

Remember the times when rain meant joy?
Remember the times when there were no-no boys?
Remember the times when dreams were perfect?
Remember the times when we were happy?

They all come here right now to judge me,
As if i have looted out their glee,
And I like a robin hood run around and flee,
Knowing their confrontations are silly!

Remember the times when promises were intact?
Remember the times when trust was perfect?
Remember the times when care was looming?
Remember the times when jubilance was glowing?

You could ask me like, I've been all wrong,
You could talk about me or even sing a song,
You can shake me up, rate me up or call me strong,
I've been through this for long, so prolong.

What you would do in my shoes, I know,
For a minute your words would show,
To be tormented by you is a bestow,
Things don't come easy, hence I bow.

Remember the times when enemy was a crayon stealer,
Remember the times when friend was a chocolate sharer,
Remember the times when hug was a mother's embrace,
Remember the times when clouds swam in a deep space?\

Running through amidst the sands of time,
Considering oneself as the most superior and prime,
Mankind has lost all its chimes,
Life's become an organised crime.

So all I am here to do is pen upon Trust..
Once Crumpled, Can Never Be Perfect Again- Truth or Myth?

Quite often one comes across this picture in social networking sites: ( I couldn't get it, putting the extract alone..)
 "On interviewing a couple who had lived together for the maximum time together, asking as to how they used to tackle their misunderstandings and get over their issues, there came a prompt reply: "We were born in a century where we were taught to repair things before replacing them..."

So, is it that the meant to be relationships have no problems or that they tackle it most efficiently?
What does tackling of a problem in a relationship mean?

To regain back a lost trust is not a big deal, if the person is ready to re-assure you that they still love you.
The actual problem comes when your trust upon your loved one is shattered to bits. They are in no mood to explain you anything -like they are sorry for breaking your trust. They aren't
As simple as the example in here:
Like it happened to me, me an extra careful lady- I used to say that I would never want him to break my trust and blah blah.. Probably once a day once a year, once an hour and until it became once a minute. I was becoming desperate, I needed reassurance. He remained mum, which pestered me even more. 'What is running in that head, a second female ?' I finally burst out one day.
To which he put up a smile and finally told me .. ' Wondering about you, actually.'
Perking up my eyebrows, I finally sat next to him and asked- 'In the sense?'
The guy laid back and said - 'Your trust.'
I was becoming desperate- 'Elucidate.'
'Saying that you trust trust and asking the trusted one to keep up to the trust. Wondering what sort of a trust it is!'
Saying which he walked away and for the rest of life, I wondered what trust was, who trusted more me or him.....

I am not being biased about men, No. But what one has to understand that sometimes Love is beyond the said words..
Blind trust and Blind faith aren't exactly blind either. Love and Trust sees every thing- they donot care! Once in a while brain pops up over heart and asks 'Do you think you have to leave?' and then the heart replies 'Stay on, it is all right.. No matter what happens, you cannot leave' - Story of every commitment. And once the trust breaks down, beyond any expectation like a sudden thunderstorm on a cloudless, clear sky, there is no hope than to leave...
But does it have a second chance? Most obviously, yes. People do realise their mistakes, but some do too late. Today is the best day for asking sorry and mending up ways. Tomorrow no miracle is going to save you. Just get up, atleast for the good times, save your relationship. For breaking someone's trust is really bad, like strangling them to death and squishing them to pulp hoping that they never come. It hurts. Very bad. It kills all the good times, what just remains is the bad memories. Oh and the pain, Of course, how could I forget to mention that! Silly me.

Crumpled trust is a myth. If both can, trsut can be brought back to normalcy. Or else it tears apart. So it is just up to you-
Are you going to curse him and make him guilty all through his life for one single mistake, having that inkling in your heart that you could have forgiven and things could have been better... Or Are you going to make him understand his mistake, get over it and live a picture perfect life?
Decide it yourself because destiny deceives a lot.


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