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For in the whole world, the saddest part is we hurt them the most, who are closest to us...
To all the guys out there:
Why do you do this? They get hurt, you know it, you don't intend to hurt them- then why? Why do you make them cry, when you don't want to be sad? You cant make them feel good, let them go. Why do you keep pulling them closer to you and sending them away as and when you think? What do you think they are- your personalised toy? To be kicked one minute and cuddled the next? Wait a second, they said they loved you and that you are commited, not that they gave themselves to you. She gives up her self-respect and speaks to you just that things should go allright, doesn't necessarily mean you are right allright? Stop priding about it, you should be ashamed of yourself! To let go of all the promises you made, how can you do that?
Look at yourself. What do you see? Nothing great. Two eyes, two ears, one nose, one big mouth, two hands and two legs. Does that make you feel you are not a demon? You should've had horns. You thought foeticide was the only way you could kill a girl, anything else is not. Look at yourself, you are worse then them. They don't promise the girl they'll give her a life and kill it. But you do, and in fact you don't even kill her. It is like piercing her with a sword, everytime hoping a drop of blood comes out, but then Oh! I can't pierce you more, coz you will die, I love you how can I? You are a demon worse than that. No great deal no matter what you think about yourself.

You might quit reading this now, some stupid must have told you-'Read positive things, they would make you happy and peaceful'. Yeah you want peace uh? After doing all this you don't deserve it?
If you quit this, you are just running away from yourself, your conscience is pricking you, nothing else!

And anyways your ignoring her calls when you play sports or when you say you are tired of her care for you, what do you think you are doing? Throwing away all the things that you once treasured nothing else. You don't want to speak? Ok shut up and listen to her. Why saying it, it's not as if you say everything that you do, she knows a million things that you hid from her. After she asks you, you say her sorry. She asks you why you did, you reply 'I think I jus said a sry'. So what do you think wee should do for you, build a temple and worship you, since you said a sry?! Whats the deal dude anyways?
To all the guys out there, remember before you got this girl, you were alone. It isnt her fate that she should sit and suffer your treatment, when some man out their would hold her like a princess. Treat her right, if not some one else surely will.
There a million guys who are waiting for a girl to come in their life, for your information. You have the reassurance that she will be with you no matter what you do, doesn't mean that you can do anything, so just stop it!

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