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Distance makes the heart grow fonder or so they say.. I'm really not sure how, but hell, yeah! Its true.. Distance does make a heart grow fonder..
So, here I am again to quip on relation psychology.. Long- distance relationship.. How does commitment become the world of the far-away heart.. Is the term true when you say 'Miles apart, yet can people really be a breath close??'
We all find out our true mates.. Eventually no matter where and how they are, they come to you that's life.. No, Rather its destiny..  Life is the number of times you realize that you were wrong in thinking they were the one- until the prince charming came.. 
Is it necessary to look at someone everyday to be in love? No, its not.. Dont answer this way after yelling at your guy/ girl for not meeting you at college... A faint memory subtly submerged in one corner of your heart, which when alive, shimmers you so much that you wish their presence, their whisper, their touch, a smile, and much more- is enough.. Not their physical presence.. It is not necessary that time has to be spent together to be in love.. In fact the strongest of commitments are the ones which find their way even at a distance... Communication at a distance develops understanding, they hear beyond what your words convey.. Your moods, your emotions, the change in your voice, the irritation level in your speech makes them feel everything that you fail to say..
Trust.. trust is something that is hard to find these days.. None is trustworthy we all say again..- No, not true.. don't blame the situation or fate for the wrong decisions you took in your life..You trusted the wrong one, with the closest feelings of you heart, and they shunned you away doesn't necessarily mean no one is there for you to express your trust.. In fact you should be happier that you are more closer to finding the real person whom you can trust...
We all say when we are committed we trust each other.. How well is something we have never pondered on.. 
Do we trust them enough to live each day with them..?? Yes.. 
Do we trust them enough to lead our family and bring up kids?? Yes..
Do we trust them enough to take care of our parents at tough times ?? Yes..
These, were the basic expectations from our partners.. And overall these are the basic expectancies anyone generally has in a relationship.. Unfortunately these days people aren't much bothered on these.. These questions can never get 'no' as an answer.. 'Yes' is like the default answer..

These days these questions have become important:
I call him out, he doesn't come.. Who is he with?
He didn't tell me where he was going.. What could he be upto?
I wonder what he is doing in life.. He never says me..??
How could his mobile be switched off when I want to speak.. Is it on purpose?
How come there is a never a time when he is not busy? Surely priorities..!!
For all those commited people, who share a work place, please and my very kind request- It's not trust if you got all this even once in your mind.. Understand the thing it ain't necessary for a person to be with you every moment of your life..
 Do you go to your dad's office? 
Does your mom come to your school? 
Do people come with their families in workplaces??  NO!! Nobody does.. And love is yet another relationship like your mom, dad.. Only difference is God gave you the choice to choose a good one.. Doesn't mean you can keep on experimenting, pushing and pulling with things and persons..
Stop expecting your love to be always around you, because that is unnecessary.. Further there is no fun in getting things without a wait.. Wait for them, and charm in their presence..!!! rather than having them by your side all the time and wondering what to do..
Trust blooms like a flower in long distance relationship.. No matter how modern and open-minded we proclaim ourselves to be as I always say- there is one person whom you never want to see near your love.. Insecurities increase when you are far away.. you had a bad day, but he was at a official party.. he couldnt speak, yet you know very well he wanted to.. In this situation, it just depends on you whether you are glad he is ok, and his day went well, even if yours dint and that he wants to be with you.. rather than brooding over saying things like, he is selfish, I feel I'm being used, When I need him the most he isn't anywhere nearby.. What-is-the-need-of-this-relationship and on, on and on.. 
Relationship does mean living together and supporting each other, but what I would say is.. Even before it made way into your life, you did live.. Its isn't like you have never solved your problems.. You did it once, and kindly do it always.. Let love support your life, dont depend on it.. Don't integrate your love in everything.. Its not like they are super-human.. An average 20 year old guy, who is of your age cannot afford to take you on a cruise to Hawaii.. Understand that your expectations are justified if and only if, it is in their control....

I wind up at this point, nostalgic and heart-breaking as I see people around me cursing, crying and all..Ya, updating from college :D  Remember anything you do from the food you eat, the dress you wear, the work you do should bring in happiness in your life.. That is the basic expectation from relationships.. Keep that alive more than anything.. Two people completely different from each other, who wouldn't get along with each other also can live together (hostel people would know this :P) that's life.. What I'm quipping about is the magic of keeping the spark alive..

You Give me the kind of feeling that they all talk about.. The kind of love, they all dream of....!!

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