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People Say, Life made me change so much. Some say pain made me change so much. Some believe I was Forced To Do it.. Some Believe I chose To it..
Actually, Changes In life are destiny.. Now, Don't think I'm Being totally logic-less and saying out of the world stories.. It is simple.. There are some questions Google can't answer.. You believe in God, Don't you? No, You don't.. Is It? Lets read this then..

When you have the toughest problem in your life you don't Google it (Again, you see technology has its limits!) The Best solution of any problem is bending your knees on the floor. Why, Why do we do it? Subconsciously, you see in a crisis you don't debate whether or not God exists (To be frank, Even you are lil bit scared that if you doubt his existence will he help you..? Pretty much, Admit it!) Lets Not put it in a word that you are 'praying' to God.. How does this sound? - The phenomenon of optimism.. When you say your problems out loud, you do feel better.. And with the hope that someone can solve all it, you feel much relieved..
We all need it.. How much ever you say you don't believe in relationships, you know if I knew what you thought you would be caught. You long for love. You Need a shoulder To cry Upon. You Want To own And Be Owned By Someone. It's Natural. Everyone Needs One And Has One.
Lastly Tell People How Much They Mean To You. It's A Damn Short Life. God Has Been Very Ingenious In Making Us Realise All Good Things Late. So, as much as you can try to prove this fact of his wrong.

P:S - Post dedications : 'My shoulder to cry upon' :) :) & Smiley :) :)

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