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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

She was a kid, growing up into an engineer,
Or so it seemed this dream of hers came near..

She grew up with spanners and screws,
 This was the way her days flew..

She got her distant dream as a near reality,
For many it just seemed a self brutality..

She was in the last laps of this race,
She knew she had a real world to face.

"Pa, what should I read more?"
For she wanted to explore..

The spark on her face,
Never came during any other phase.

An engineer engineer they said,
Love what you do, do what you love, they said.

"Pa, why should I wear shoes?" she asked,
"Professionalism" he said as we basked..

'Was it in my shoes,' she did wonder.
These were stuffs that made her mind ponder.

She knew this professionalism won't buy her a meal,
For that was an empty stomach, with water it did heal..

Professionalism, professionalism he said.
She thought it wouldn't buy her any bread.

Suddenly as she traversed a few miles.
 As she hopped across a few tiles,
She witnessed a group of peasants,
Whose lifestyle did seem pleasant.

In the tones of whispers, they mumbled,
She wished they were crisper, but they fumbled.

Lost at words and caught by surprise,
As they looked upon her with brimming eyes,

'We wish we read, like you do'.
'We wish we knew, like you do'.

Baffled at the surge of emotions,
Wondering at her own notions,
She did mouth 'What?'
Little she knew, but.

'Your shoes, your bag, your tag' they said.
'Makes us value people like you.' they said.

Nothing brings happiness like surprises unasked for,
Nothing brings solace like the respect from next door.

Promised they to her, that they'll teach their kith and kin,
Leaving her guilty, making her realize of all her sins.

Wondering and walking down the rest of the lane,
She was sure that she had been insane.
To learn things unasked for is a blessing in disguise.
To do things at the right age is presumably wise.

Love what you do, do what you love.

I have a train to catch , sorry about ending it up this way!! :)

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