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Yet Another Nostalgic Day Of The Year.. When I Find That M Entering My Pre-Final Year..
I Am Actually Wondering What I Learnt..In The Whole Two Year Span... (Which Actually Is Less Than Two Years.. )
When They Told Me To Choose A Branch I Thought That I Should Take Such A Branch Which Involves Specialization Over A Narrow Range.. With Not Hovering About Many Things In General Rather Going In Detail Even In The Smallest Aspect.. Like I Could Help Anyone Who Wants Information In That Subject..

I'll Be Frank.. Growing Up I Never Imagined Myself Anything Else than Engineer.. Like Vignesh Said..I've Had Many Passions Though... Like People Say they've Had Many Crushes But Ultimately End Up In One True Commitment.. Bad Comparison eh..?? Never Mind.. Relationship-psychology Never Goes Out Of My Head..

Getting Back.. To What I wanted To Say.. Its Like I wanted To Specialise in It.. I Came Into My Subject.. They Asked Me To Say Some Innovative Ideas... I Said Something About An Automatic Speed Control Vehicle.. Its Still My Greatest Dream To Build A Completely Automated Car For The Blind.... :) Hopefully Someday :) :)
And I Told Them The Previous Attempts Made On The Same.. Why It Failed.. And Why Model Was Better... They Simply Said.. For This Component.. You Need To See the Electrical specifications.. U Need To Consult Em.. For This .. Why Don't You Build A Programmed Chip.. Which Works On Timers And All??

The Real Point Is.. Scenario Of Engineering Is never About Your Subject...
You Need To Know The Best Of Everything... I Used To Say When Anyone Asks Me
"Oh, M Doing My Automobile Engineering.. Pre-final Year"
Now I Feel Its Better To Say
"Oh, M Doing My Engineering, Major In Automobiles.. Pre-Final Year"
It IS True...
Engineering Is Never About Your Subject.. Its About Science...
Realise Beyond Your Barriers..

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