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Blood is red in colour not blue...

but on The Night Of 2 April 2011 The Whole Nation had bled Blue....

Storming emotions associated with a strong sport.. cricket.. Which Had The Charm Of Uniting People..
When The match started grass was looking green on the other side.. A controversial toss.. Lot Of Misfieldings And Much That I Hate to Admit.. Pathetic bowling...
By The Time The Srilankan Team Had Completed Their batting.. My Remote had gone for a full toss... I thought chasing such a score would be difficult.. Batting half should be great.. N dat s something to ponder on

And needless to say.. The Early fall of wickets of two players who were supposedly senior enough to manage a tough situation... had Made everyones heart sink even lower..
But The Captain Of The Indian team.. Finally did Some Good Job In front of the Stumps... He Was Good Behind It Always I Guess...
MSD Non-inclusion of Ashwin In the team was your mistake.. N m glad The Batting went well or else The Captain Would v been The Only person Left To Blame...

The 1983 Magic Again Sparkled... And The Whole Nation Is Dancing To Its Mesmerising Moves...
All You People

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