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So, ever since I came over to UK, my blog has become literally dead. I thought I would just give it a jolt today.

What makes one move ahead in life, is of course, the urge to live. The urge to live for someone or the urge to live in order to see your dreams come true. The urge with the hope that tomorrow turns out to be better than yesterday. So, again this post is purely for those who want to or already had studied abroad. For those who want to, this might give you an idea, for those who already have this might bring back memories.

Post is again on the assumption that the individual has never stayed out of home. :)

Needless to say, we never realize how quickly we grow up.  'You are on your own' means more than what you think. You have to sort out when you need to go to bank, when you have to work on the deadlines, when you have to get the groceries, when you have to do the laundry or when you have to clean your room.

There is evolution in self at this stage. With every little step you make, you define your personality. For instance, you cook everyday at the same time- people judge your punctuality. You keep cleaning your room - people assume you like to be clean.


The person living with you isn't your blood relation. The person studying with you is just another professional contact. It isn't like your first day at college. Rarely does one find a friend from school till UG to Masters. If you have one who knows what you have gone through and would provide you the 'shoulder to cry upon' then blessed you are!
But not always can you explain why you feel sad, even if you do bond well. You need to wipe your own tears and basically, pull yourself together. Emotionally, physically, financially or health-wise: No matter how you feel bad, you will have to pull yourself together.

If you have decided that nothing affects you and the above said will never happen to you, then hold on a second.


People who generally pursue masters are good at work or want to be good at work. You might have been a topper all through your life- at school, at college, everywhere. You would have never thought about being anything else than first. But you will fall back, may be an initial back lag, may be a fatal blow!
But it all depends on you. You need to trust yourself. Ask help from the same field at one point of time you would hear the comment :'With the basics taught in our country, masters would be tough.' Im not saying specific to India, any country for that instance. Some students feel uncomfortable with maths, some have language problems- everyone has their ifs and buts. But trust me, you are better than what you think.
You need to realise your flaws and work on them as soon as possible.  Bridge the gap between the institution's expectations and your own skills.
And on a personal note, I would like to add this. Its not that you don't know to do it. Its just that you never thought it could be done in that way. Its just a shift of perception.


This question would pop up on the day you start your masters. Its not a 'sit back and relax' situation in masters. You have to analyse what next- Doctorate? Job at home? Job in here? and of course, work accordingly. Have a map of options and their probability. 
And please bear in mind, not to let anyone influence your decision. Yes, if you go back home searching for a job, then someone would taunt you saying that you have wasted a whole chunk of money. Bear in mind that there are people out there in crowd who have 'bought' seats and study. Spending on living and paying your fee in educational institution can never be a waste investment. Your skill set is entirely yours. Nobody can steal or deny that.


Most students end up making this mistake. Even if you are rich in India, you cannot be the same way abroad. Its just the same saturday and sunday, that ends up being everyone's weekend. Now its up to you to decide you financial status and see if you are rich enough to eat out, party and travel or should you be doing a part time job. Plan your work and money. Don't end up being impulsive spendthrift and regret later.

A part of it is same as that of first point. You might live in a shared accommodation, ensure you do your part. Contribute to the activities at home be it cleaning or cooking. Remember that they might not matter to you, but the days you spend with them are also a part of your life.

This responsibility comes over to your work too. You will meet a lot of people.  Probably your professors old student who is now a manager, or some people from your industry, or may be you will have to go to places to meet people: Whatever it is, learn the basic etiquettes. Most of communication takes place over mail, so one should have good skills and clarity while writing a mail. Communication skills should be very good. Remember that every little act of your's is important. Be it enthusiasm or frustration- there are people around you judging you with that. Every ounce, counts!!  

Also, listen before you speak. The conversation might be a very formal one.You will have to be as polite as possible and appropriate vocabulary should come in effortlessly. Note the way people speak and learn from your surroundings. Learn every small thing- body language, dressing sense, table manners, transportation, language and so on. 


Be it their culture or fashion or places to visit or their beliefs- try to be a part of it. You dont have to give up your beliefs to experience theirs. You just have to be curious and willing to see things the way it is shown. 
Also think twice before speaking about your country. You might not like some of the things back at home, but it never is necessary to express the same displeasure. You got to back your home.

Lastly, passion is very important. Understandable that there are lot of pros and cons for the idea of 'Masters in abroad' , but try visualising the bigger picture. At the end of the day even if you don't have anyone for you, you still will have your passion. Always. 
And your choices define you. Its completely up to you, to choose how you want to be.

Swathi :)

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