All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

She was walking up and down the stair case. She couldn't take it for long. The realisation had finally dawned on her. He was gone. Gone, forever. What she had feared the worst had happened. It was dawning to her. She needn't have to call him, leave him texts or think about when they are going to meet next or what she had to gift him.
What had happenend she didn't understand. 'Another girl? My place? Impossible ever!' She threw the newspaper and walked along to fetch cartons of milk. 
And her friends had called up the next minute. How she wished she never attended them! They were 'his' friends, not 'hers' or 'ours'. One could obviously expect them to take his side not hers.
'Yes, I know its over. I know I gotto leave. Yes I don't care. Okay, I know you are there. Bye.' She had hung the phone, put it down so that no one could call her. Nobody died back home, no sympathy was necessary. She took the decisions, she was facing the consequences, she thought.
She thought she was strong enough to let it go. Something that probably seven years ago started off a friendship. SOmething that way in between became love for her, it was friendship for him. And then that day, her dream came true. Something became something else and today, today everything is gone, Poooh!
There was no mandatory breakup rules that the relationship books she read had suggested. Like what should be done in commitment is clear, what do you do after you break up? You cry! She didn't have to. She knew she had to live with it or die. Dying wasn't an option at all. Now that living has been decided it should better be done in a proper way rather than in bits, pieces and regrets.
'Yes', she thought as she was cleaning her book shelf.' Lets live life like it never happened before. Boy I am single again, that is Awesome.' She thought.
There were no gifts that required to be thrown, for he never gave her any.
No sweet texts to be deleted, for he never sent her any.
Lot of chocolate wrappers and lots of memories though required to be deleted. 
Slowly she sat on tele-vision. 'How is it that when we decide we have to forget something, every thing around us reminds us of the same?' She wondered. Looking at the scene on tv where the guy was softly kissing his girl on her forehead. 'Shit.' she mouthed, as she realised that it wasnt going to be easy.
Time was 11:00
It was the time he would call her upa nd say that he missed his mom.
She would say one day they will be together.
Me. You. Mom -Us.
'Shit' she again thought. ' No, no no, dont let it take over you.'
In all the hassle and drama she had forgot to call her mom, and as a result a tirade of emotional pourdown was ensured when her mom spoke. 'What do you bother about? I really dont understand how he even puts up with you. You hardly have any timefor yourself.' She had cut, ensuring that I was even more guilty.
'The problem with people is that they remind us of all right things at the wrong times.' 
She decided to let music take over her. A disastrous decision. One shouldnot bolster on music. The lyrics.
It was killing her. 
She was beating back the first drop of tear that was fluttering down her eyelid. 'No, no, no' she thought.
'Its just not worth it.' She speeled out loud and clear. It was a difficult thing to say, if she wanted to convince the world, or herself. Herself, maybe.
It was time for lunch. She remembered how he used to call her and ensured she ate her meal. 'The worst part is the battle in the heads. Why doesn't it let me go?' she thought.
She spoke to herself. 'It's done. Now you eat. Nobody bothers. No, no remember, we decided to live.'
Sometimes at some points of time in your life, you just wish to let go. Let go of everything that you ever had, everything you done, everything you spoke and felt. It's like you would take an eraser and remove every dirt in your life, so that it becomes picture perfect. But does it?
It doesn't, sadly. That night had been the most terrible to her. Her head was debating in confusions refusing to let her sleep for a minute. She tossed turned tumbled, but no, it wudn't let her sleep. Why? Why me? she thought the whole night. She slept for some time, but as she woke up, she realised she had cried. She regretted crying.
That was just the beginning. She regretted everything.Calling him, speaking her heart out. Letting him know of all her weakness, he had exploited her in and out. Regrets, it was tumbling down.
She stumbled on her path as she felt that her attitude wasn't helping her much, infact not even a bit. She could see the fact that it was over. She could believe it. It wasn't like she was running away. But she was hurt, very deeply hurt.
It was like she was shown the seven seas the whole world and heaven and then they said, she couldn't have it. The pain crushed her from inside. It wasn't fair. Hearts and brains take decisions but every part of the body has to suffer the consequences. 
And her good friends would say that she was an angel and her prince charming was on his way.
She would reply politely : 'The first love, you have in life, gives you the best feeling. Butterfiles, colours, excitement, hushes, blushes and whispers. The second one is just love, love like love. It cannot take the first place. The ignorance, innocence and charm. No way!'
One cannot believe that things can happen the right way, after they have gone wrong. 
The trust, of course, cannot come over just like that.
She realised that she wasn't strong enough. She was weak, very weak. Anybody asks anything she was going to break.
By the way, why do they call it break up? Shouldn't it be break down? I mean ya, amybe the person who cheated might be up. They might have suggested in his perspective.
She threw away ever gadget and took off. Choices have consequences. She chose, she was bearing the brunt. She did not feel like meeting or speaking to anyone. She had lost every bit of confidence she ever had. She couldn't look at herself in the mirror. She was afraid, very afraid of her very own reflection. She couldn't answer any question that was asked to her.
Millions of thoughts were swimming in her head. 
Was she a fool, to be used and thrown apart?
Was she too mature to let it go?
Was she too bad that she deserved this?
What happened to her life?
She was the one who took all the decisions, made sure it was perfect. And suddenly, it was as if someone had cursed her and she had no hold on it. She wanted to be happy. She wanted to smile like it never hurt. She wanted to take off like she never fell down. But it didn't let her. Let her fly. Things were weighing her down. A lot of things. Memories.
She was wondering how come she let things take over her so much. She hated herself, it wasn't like her to let emotions take over her. She didn't like her attitude and the way things were going.
Whenever she tried to battle out and move on her way, things pulled her down. Boy, one would never realise that so many things held up two people in a  relationship, until they are far apart.
And most of all, the temptation. That was the worst feeling. The temptation to apologise beg or do whatever to bring things back to normal. It is important to do anything to get the things that one wants in life, but it is more important to let go off the things that one doesn't want. Bad habits. Bad people. No no.
'I am no commodity' she thought. 'One can't treat me this way.' 
The best part is that as time heals, it also reveals. The truth came out in fascinating means and ways.Evey truth. Probably it was a process of self-destruction or may be induced. You run away from it, it chases you, makes sure you are dead. And then you muster up courage, pull your socks and move ahead. It again kills you down. Squat. And then you decide to face it, it might run away. Probably. But who has faced it? she thought.
She got all the dreams she wanted to. Slowly, she was pulling herself out of it. Maybe too early too late. She didn't know. But it was happening she was glad.
The good thing about all the bad things that happens to every individual in a life time is that they teach us the best concepts- in their own special way. Slapping us on our face. Pity, we could learn them before. 'I wish I did' she thought.
If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. Its all about getting up, she said to herself, finally pacifying her head not to ask her anything.
Life becomes beautiful, once you decide you don't care. She thought.
Penned down by,
Sti :) 
Hoping you find your happiness today!

Saw the redwood tree by the lake,
Reminding me of all the mistakes..

Remember the times when life was fun?
Remember the times when pain hurt less?
Remember the times when love was a dream?
Remember the times when joy was in a scream?

Now its coming down all over,
I would do anything to have it all over,
Musing memories just might hover,
But just makes me even more sober..

Remember the times when rain meant joy?
Remember the times when there were no-no boys?
Remember the times when dreams were perfect?
Remember the times when we were happy?

They all come here right now to judge me,
As if i have looted out their glee,
And I like a robin hood run around and flee,
Knowing their confrontations are silly!

Remember the times when promises were intact?
Remember the times when trust was perfect?
Remember the times when care was looming?
Remember the times when jubilance was glowing?

You could ask me like, I've been all wrong,
You could talk about me or even sing a song,
You can shake me up, rate me up or call me strong,
I've been through this for long, so prolong.

What you would do in my shoes, I know,
For a minute your words would show,
To be tormented by you is a bestow,
Things don't come easy, hence I bow.

Remember the times when enemy was a crayon stealer,
Remember the times when friend was a chocolate sharer,
Remember the times when hug was a mother's embrace,
Remember the times when clouds swam in a deep space?\

Running through amidst the sands of time,
Considering oneself as the most superior and prime,
Mankind has lost all its chimes,
Life's become an organised crime.

So all I am here to do is pen upon Trust..
Once Crumpled, Can Never Be Perfect Again- Truth or Myth?

Quite often one comes across this picture in social networking sites: ( I couldn't get it, putting the extract alone..)
 "On interviewing a couple who had lived together for the maximum time together, asking as to how they used to tackle their misunderstandings and get over their issues, there came a prompt reply: "We were born in a century where we were taught to repair things before replacing them..."

So, is it that the meant to be relationships have no problems or that they tackle it most efficiently?
What does tackling of a problem in a relationship mean?

To regain back a lost trust is not a big deal, if the person is ready to re-assure you that they still love you.
The actual problem comes when your trust upon your loved one is shattered to bits. They are in no mood to explain you anything -like they are sorry for breaking your trust. They aren't
As simple as the example in here:
Like it happened to me, me an extra careful lady- I used to say that I would never want him to break my trust and blah blah.. Probably once a day once a year, once an hour and until it became once a minute. I was becoming desperate, I needed reassurance. He remained mum, which pestered me even more. 'What is running in that head, a second female ?' I finally burst out one day.
To which he put up a smile and finally told me .. ' Wondering about you, actually.'
Perking up my eyebrows, I finally sat next to him and asked- 'In the sense?'
The guy laid back and said - 'Your trust.'
I was becoming desperate- 'Elucidate.'
'Saying that you trust trust and asking the trusted one to keep up to the trust. Wondering what sort of a trust it is!'
Saying which he walked away and for the rest of life, I wondered what trust was, who trusted more me or him.....

I am not being biased about men, No. But what one has to understand that sometimes Love is beyond the said words..
Blind trust and Blind faith aren't exactly blind either. Love and Trust sees every thing- they donot care! Once in a while brain pops up over heart and asks 'Do you think you have to leave?' and then the heart replies 'Stay on, it is all right.. No matter what happens, you cannot leave' - Story of every commitment. And once the trust breaks down, beyond any expectation like a sudden thunderstorm on a cloudless, clear sky, there is no hope than to leave...
But does it have a second chance? Most obviously, yes. People do realise their mistakes, but some do too late. Today is the best day for asking sorry and mending up ways. Tomorrow no miracle is going to save you. Just get up, atleast for the good times, save your relationship. For breaking someone's trust is really bad, like strangling them to death and squishing them to pulp hoping that they never come. It hurts. Very bad. It kills all the good times, what just remains is the bad memories. Oh and the pain, Of course, how could I forget to mention that! Silly me.

Crumpled trust is a myth. If both can, trsut can be brought back to normalcy. Or else it tears apart. So it is just up to you-
Are you going to curse him and make him guilty all through his life for one single mistake, having that inkling in your heart that you could have forgiven and things could have been better... Or Are you going to make him understand his mistake, get over it and live a picture perfect life?
Decide it yourself because destiny deceives a lot.


Specially dedicated to my juniors and my bro ,
And to all the people in Engineering stream- Welcome :)
1.Engineering isn't a fair game!
Yes, sadly the first fact I would point out to you. There is gloing to be favoritism at every point. Your class rep is going to go on pointless holidays and would have a 97% attendence and even if you are on your death bed, your lecturer would clear her throat and say "The mangement has its rules, an absent is a absent." While you feel like punching them on the face, all you can do is smile and say" Yes maam, I completely understand!"
2.Engineering needs a lot of patience.
Everyone is going to irritate you, so you need a lot of patience. You will have to take revenge in a professional way. Any mistake you do by expressing your frustration publicly would be heavily used against you.
3.Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
You would easily recognize who are going to give you a tough time in college. You ought to smile a lot when you see them. Bashing can be kept after you get your degree. As a token of goodbye.
4.Keep calm, that kid is going to stop asking questions.
All of us know professors aren't geniuses, no matter how many questions you ask, they are just going to say whatever they said again, in a different way, in a detailed way, nothing more and nothing new you will get out of it. When that supposedly 'Good Student' of the college is 'trying to make himself more educated' as he asks questions, you are 'trying to show that profy is dumb' when you ask them questions.
5.First year is very important.
The image of yours that you project for yourself in front of your peers, teachers and in the college environment is very important. First impression is the best and you ought to dazzle them in your attitude!
That is not going to be fair either. I have seen many people complain that they just get the same marks that they got in the first year, no improvement even if effort is taken. Welcome to The Real World! Most of your GPA's would be around what you got in your 1 & 2 semester. So, study hard in the first year.
7.Circle of contacts.
Very important. Be in contact with the seniors who got placed in your dream companies. Decide where you want to end up at the end of four years, because at the last minute no medical miracle is going to give you what you want. Plan in leisure and work out things in advance. Weigh your options.
8.Have no regrets.
I know it is bad, we all wanted IIT's but they didn't want us, sadly. No point in sitting in some class and wondering what you would have done if you were in there. Rather look at opportunities around you and try to make the best of a bad job. 
9.Engineering is beyond Departments.
Do not sterotype yourself. I hate electrical, I wanted mechanical and so and so. Engineering is more about one department, Agreed. But you will have to read about other departments too. You cannot design a car's wiring without knowing how to distinguish between a positive and negative terminal right? Don't restrict yourself, try and know more about everything. And as far as people who think they've chosen the wrong subject as their major-one word- If you don't get what you love, Love what you got!!
10.The Passion-NEVER LET IT DIE.
At the end of the day, things aren't always going to work in your way. But remember that at some point of time you really wanted to be an engineer. Just because of some mistakes and things not happening your way, don't let your passion die. Remember, giving up is always an option, even after you completed your councilling, you could have tore up the letter and sat back home. But you didn't right? So hold on tight to the whole roller-coaster ride! It would be fun, frightful, good, bad, scary- but one thing I can promise, It would be really worth all the pain you took!!


I am back with psychology.
Been a while since I penned down anything and this post is for all you people dreaming of someone.
Relationships are the things in life that can entice you in happiness, entangle you in emotions, dwindle down in confusions or strangle you to death.
And as the title says, I am here to speak about the strangling part of the story.

So, we aren't geniuses. We do make mistakes, choosing the wrong person, saying the wrong words, doing the wrong things. After doing these,we wonder ' Did I really say it?' And the next moment we blame our partners. 'It is all because of you.  You pushed me to this extent. How was I in the past and How am I today! I have lost all my limits cuz of you. Fell down my own eyes' and so on and on. 

But really, are they the real cause?

No, Sadly no. You have none to blame, except yourself. They gave you their space told you that they would stick with you forever doesn't necessarily mean you take them for granted. They ain't your play things that you can do whatever you want pull them push them hug them or hurt them. That is your problem, my dear readers. You wouldn't really use abusive language or have the nerve to hit them, if you knew they would desert you the minute you do so. And hence.

And for your information, fear of losing is probably one of the greatest forces that binds people together, more than love. Because people get bored with love, sadly. But fear of losing cliches you to hold the person tight.

And no matter, how much I pen down in here, I'll tell you, you really will let go off a person before you actually tie them tight- Fact of life. You and I cannot be spared. Curse of God, I think. Makes us realise all good things late.

And yeah, one more thing, probably the worst thing that can ever happen in a commited couple. Cheating and backstabbing- the worst of the whole lot. Even death isn't that painful! To be let down by someone on whose shoulders you rested upon your head and with whom you dreamed of an eternity of togetherness- It is like a castle built of glass and lo, behold it goes down leaving nothing behind.

There is no justification for this. You can accidentally fall in love, agreed but accidentally you cannot fall in someone's bed. Hence big or small these lies are lies. Look upon yourself, you have a boyfriend and you are here flirting with some stranger? That shouldn't make you feel good. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Think about the way he would feel when he knows it. No Justifications will help you. 

God bestows good relationships only for a very few. If it is on your plate, don't just underestimate or ignore it.
Lastly I would say only one thing:

Love the heart that hurts but never hurt the heart that loves.

She was a kid, growing up into an engineer,
Or so it seemed this dream of hers came near..

She grew up with spanners and screws,
 This was the way her days flew..

She got her distant dream as a near reality,
For many it just seemed a self brutality..

She was in the last laps of this race,
She knew she had a real world to face.

"Pa, what should I read more?"
For she wanted to explore..

The spark on her face,
Never came during any other phase.

An engineer engineer they said,
Love what you do, do what you love, they said.

"Pa, why should I wear shoes?" she asked,
"Professionalism" he said as we basked..

'Was it in my shoes,' she did wonder.
These were stuffs that made her mind ponder.

She knew this professionalism won't buy her a meal,
For that was an empty stomach, with water it did heal..

Professionalism, professionalism he said.
She thought it wouldn't buy her any bread.

Suddenly as she traversed a few miles.
 As she hopped across a few tiles,
She witnessed a group of peasants,
Whose lifestyle did seem pleasant.

In the tones of whispers, they mumbled,
She wished they were crisper, but they fumbled.

Lost at words and caught by surprise,
As they looked upon her with brimming eyes,

'We wish we read, like you do'.
'We wish we knew, like you do'.

Baffled at the surge of emotions,
Wondering at her own notions,
She did mouth 'What?'
Little she knew, but.

'Your shoes, your bag, your tag' they said.
'Makes us value people like you.' they said.

Nothing brings happiness like surprises unasked for,
Nothing brings solace like the respect from next door.

Promised they to her, that they'll teach their kith and kin,
Leaving her guilty, making her realize of all her sins.

Wondering and walking down the rest of the lane,
She was sure that she had been insane.
To learn things unasked for is a blessing in disguise.
To do things at the right age is presumably wise.

Love what you do, do what you love.

I have a train to catch , sorry about ending it up this way!! :)

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another."

Is what they said and I guess, they must have meant it, as it nostalgia is drumming in my head right now.
There is nothing static in our stay in this world. We always undergo a series of changes. Sometimes for the betterment of ourselves, sometimes for the love of others. Sometimes destiny makes us do and we don't realise why we do it, we just let it happen because we feel it is for good.

Right now, I am changing my residence. 
Ya, I have always been known as the girl who stayed next to school. But nobody knew the place I was born. How Dad and I used to go on long strolls. How Grandpa and I used to clean bikes. How mom and I used to cook. (Hell yeah, I was a joker in the lot :P I never cooked until last year, but then at the age of five holding a spoon was cooking, in my world) 
And when I was in 4th we came to this place, the one which I am in now. I grew up in here to be frank. I learnt to socalise to behave and mature. Understood my responsiblities, fell in love with engineering. Realised what life is all about, relished all of the moments that God had bestowed upon me. My first crush, my infatuation, my friends and my books! This home had witnessed lot of it. Lot? No, every bit of it. This pillow of mine, I hugged in fright, excitement, love and happiness.

People who know me since 2-3 years wouldn't understand. But then before that I was completely different than what I am now. Totally tomboyish, outdoor and hot-tempered. The transition to a responsible person with a stable head took place in this place, I wouldn't be wrong if I said I got the guts to trust the decisions I take, in here. My insecurities which were big, finally got hackneyed and appeared small.
My dad is still smiling as I am penning this down. Packing every small little memory this home gave me. From my crush's gift, to my besties bday gift to the chocolates I got, to my key chain collection to my X-ray reports to the every li'l book and page I treasured- my novels, my diaries (since 7th, ya I do write even today) to tinkle and everything! 

I am a person who lives by memories- creating them and relishing them. I know tomorrow when I finally leave this place, I cannot come back. But, I somehow don't feel bad for it. It is kind of like, I think it is time I move fro here. 
And it is not like I am going to some new place. It is the same place where I was brought the minute I came to this world. My first blabber, my first walk, my first cry - everything had been in there. 

Awaiting to see more of what I am destined to get. This life is just getting better, And I just cant tell you how much I love this!!!  :)

For in the whole world, the saddest part is we hurt them the most, who are closest to us...
To all the guys out there:
Why do you do this? They get hurt, you know it, you don't intend to hurt them- then why? Why do you make them cry, when you don't want to be sad? You cant make them feel good, let them go. Why do you keep pulling them closer to you and sending them away as and when you think? What do you think they are- your personalised toy? To be kicked one minute and cuddled the next? Wait a second, they said they loved you and that you are commited, not that they gave themselves to you. She gives up her self-respect and speaks to you just that things should go allright, doesn't necessarily mean you are right allright? Stop priding about it, you should be ashamed of yourself! To let go of all the promises you made, how can you do that?
Look at yourself. What do you see? Nothing great. Two eyes, two ears, one nose, one big mouth, two hands and two legs. Does that make you feel you are not a demon? You should've had horns. You thought foeticide was the only way you could kill a girl, anything else is not. Look at yourself, you are worse then them. They don't promise the girl they'll give her a life and kill it. But you do, and in fact you don't even kill her. It is like piercing her with a sword, everytime hoping a drop of blood comes out, but then Oh! I can't pierce you more, coz you will die, I love you how can I? You are a demon worse than that. No great deal no matter what you think about yourself.

You might quit reading this now, some stupid must have told you-'Read positive things, they would make you happy and peaceful'. Yeah you want peace uh? After doing all this you don't deserve it?
If you quit this, you are just running away from yourself, your conscience is pricking you, nothing else!

And anyways your ignoring her calls when you play sports or when you say you are tired of her care for you, what do you think you are doing? Throwing away all the things that you once treasured nothing else. You don't want to speak? Ok shut up and listen to her. Why saying it, it's not as if you say everything that you do, she knows a million things that you hid from her. After she asks you, you say her sorry. She asks you why you did, you reply 'I think I jus said a sry'. So what do you think wee should do for you, build a temple and worship you, since you said a sry?! Whats the deal dude anyways?
To all the guys out there, remember before you got this girl, you were alone. It isnt her fate that she should sit and suffer your treatment, when some man out their would hold her like a princess. Treat her right, if not some one else surely will.
There a million guys who are waiting for a girl to come in their life, for your information. You have the reassurance that she will be with you no matter what you do, doesn't mean that you can do anything, so just stop it!

Actually this post is quite late, I should have told you guys first, I apologise for the same,
With the wonderful feedback of each one of you for my writings, I have boldly taken the step of publishing an emagazine by name psychtalk ... I want you guys to support it, and if you can help me in anyway by contributing or for publicity or anything, I'll be really thankful!
Psychtalk website that is our official website,...
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Hoping your cooperation
Thank you,
Swathi :)

Distance makes the heart grow fonder or so they say.. I'm really not sure how, but hell, yeah! Its true.. Distance does make a heart grow fonder..
So, here I am again to quip on relation psychology.. Long- distance relationship.. How does commitment become the world of the far-away heart.. Is the term true when you say 'Miles apart, yet can people really be a breath close??'
We all find out our true mates.. Eventually no matter where and how they are, they come to you that's life.. No, Rather its destiny..  Life is the number of times you realize that you were wrong in thinking they were the one- until the prince charming came.. 
Is it necessary to look at someone everyday to be in love? No, its not.. Dont answer this way after yelling at your guy/ girl for not meeting you at college... A faint memory subtly submerged in one corner of your heart, which when alive, shimmers you so much that you wish their presence, their whisper, their touch, a smile, and much more- is enough.. Not their physical presence.. It is not necessary that time has to be spent together to be in love.. In fact the strongest of commitments are the ones which find their way even at a distance... Communication at a distance develops understanding, they hear beyond what your words convey.. Your moods, your emotions, the change in your voice, the irritation level in your speech makes them feel everything that you fail to say..
Trust.. trust is something that is hard to find these days.. None is trustworthy we all say again..- No, not true.. don't blame the situation or fate for the wrong decisions you took in your life..You trusted the wrong one, with the closest feelings of you heart, and they shunned you away doesn't necessarily mean no one is there for you to express your trust.. In fact you should be happier that you are more closer to finding the real person whom you can trust...
We all say when we are committed we trust each other.. How well is something we have never pondered on.. 
Do we trust them enough to live each day with them..?? Yes.. 
Do we trust them enough to lead our family and bring up kids?? Yes..
Do we trust them enough to take care of our parents at tough times ?? Yes..
These, were the basic expectations from our partners.. And overall these are the basic expectancies anyone generally has in a relationship.. Unfortunately these days people aren't much bothered on these.. These questions can never get 'no' as an answer.. 'Yes' is like the default answer..

These days these questions have become important:
I call him out, he doesn't come.. Who is he with?
He didn't tell me where he was going.. What could he be upto?
I wonder what he is doing in life.. He never says me..??
How could his mobile be switched off when I want to speak.. Is it on purpose?
How come there is a never a time when he is not busy? Surely priorities..!!
For all those commited people, who share a work place, please and my very kind request- It's not trust if you got all this even once in your mind.. Understand the thing it ain't necessary for a person to be with you every moment of your life..
 Do you go to your dad's office? 
Does your mom come to your school? 
Do people come with their families in workplaces??  NO!! Nobody does.. And love is yet another relationship like your mom, dad.. Only difference is God gave you the choice to choose a good one.. Doesn't mean you can keep on experimenting, pushing and pulling with things and persons..
Stop expecting your love to be always around you, because that is unnecessary.. Further there is no fun in getting things without a wait.. Wait for them, and charm in their presence..!!! rather than having them by your side all the time and wondering what to do..
Trust blooms like a flower in long distance relationship.. No matter how modern and open-minded we proclaim ourselves to be as I always say- there is one person whom you never want to see near your love.. Insecurities increase when you are far away.. you had a bad day, but he was at a official party.. he couldnt speak, yet you know very well he wanted to.. In this situation, it just depends on you whether you are glad he is ok, and his day went well, even if yours dint and that he wants to be with you.. rather than brooding over saying things like, he is selfish, I feel I'm being used, When I need him the most he isn't anywhere nearby.. What-is-the-need-of-this-relationship and on, on and on.. 
Relationship does mean living together and supporting each other, but what I would say is.. Even before it made way into your life, you did live.. Its isn't like you have never solved your problems.. You did it once, and kindly do it always.. Let love support your life, dont depend on it.. Don't integrate your love in everything.. Its not like they are super-human.. An average 20 year old guy, who is of your age cannot afford to take you on a cruise to Hawaii.. Understand that your expectations are justified if and only if, it is in their control....

I wind up at this point, nostalgic and heart-breaking as I see people around me cursing, crying and all..Ya, updating from college :D  Remember anything you do from the food you eat, the dress you wear, the work you do should bring in happiness in your life.. That is the basic expectation from relationships.. Keep that alive more than anything.. Two people completely different from each other, who wouldn't get along with each other also can live together (hostel people would know this :P) that's life.. What I'm quipping about is the magic of keeping the spark alive..

You Give me the kind of feeling that they all talk about.. The kind of love, they all dream of....!!

Not intended to hurt anyone's feelings!
Rita and her gang were sitting in a coffee shop.. "And so, I told him to come over to my place so that I could see him, And can you believe it, he actually said a no.."
The girl next to her let her icecream run down.. "OMG! He said that?? I mean how could he.."
Rita shifted... "Well, I knew he was working overtime.. I just wanted him to say that he did want to meet me.. But then he didn't.. Not that I really wanted to meet him..."She looked around for support..."You know I'm not an obssessive gf right? Not Like the ones we studied with, right girls..?? he doesn't reciprocate my feelings.. I feel so lonely.. "
"He has to be the meanest guy ever... I mean guys how, how can they be so irresponsible and so dumb at heart...??"
At this point the girl at the other end of the table had a grim expression.. "This is nothing... You know what my guy did...??"
She, of course became the center of attraction now.. Before she could even begin, three of them were around her.. "Its okay.. We are here for you.."
"he forgot my mom's bday.. I always remember his moms birthday!!" She wailed aloud...

After a few minutes of silent exchange... "You know what we should make them pay for all this.."
Rita banged the table.." I am so going to break up with him.. This is just ridiculous.. !!"
The other girls exchanged looks and thought it was the appropriate thing to do.. "I told him we shouldn't speak for a while and can you believe that he did n't argue with him.. So he doesn't even understand that I do want him to say that he wants to stay..."
Rita wailed.. "All men do is this.. Exploiting our feelings and emotions in all possible ways.. Making us look stupid.. You know what, we are much independent than them.. Its they who need us... But they make us feel small, so that we would be with them.."

Rita got a call from her guy, she moves out...
"Hello baby.. My work got over.. The minute it got over, I thought I should speak with you.. I am so sorry that i couldn't come over the other.. I was wondering if I could make it up tonight so that my dear wont miss me... "
Rita had a big smile.. " Love you for this baby!! M so lucky to have you... I completely understood when you said you were busy.... M glad you could take some time for me.. I promise, tonight ll b the best time ever..."
He blows a kiss over the phone and hangs up..

Rita comes over and clears her throat.."well, he apologised and wants to make things up.. After all who else can he be without me?? So, m off shopping, I need to buy stuffs for the evening.."
The rest of the girls broke into applause and gave her a big smile...

From the other end of the cafe, Rita's guy said.."GIRLS!!!!" :D 

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