All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

First, My Mom... really sometimes its hard to accept me the way i am, And Its Really hard to put up with my mood swings... And she has been my buddy, people even say that shes my sis.... a friend a pal... the one with whom I can just be myself, nothing more nothing less!

To my dad... Sometimes The way a girl grows up depends on the way a dad wants her to be... I am glad we both thought the same dad..... Im too glad.... N its because of, you just you.... Words cant say how much em proud of you.... :)

My best friend smiley, A girl who knows my moves even before i say, the one who is concerned about me, made my living better.... Only i Know the times dear when i am tongue tied and i cant really say how much i owe you.... So many times when i was put in situations When i went on and on... i stood back and i saw what i had done.... I dont think abut the rest, i Just smile That you were with me....... :)

To my bro... times have changed ... its not like what its used to be, still happy to know you...

To anonymous, Thank you.... I know probably im the umpteenth gal in your life ... but You Are my best friend.... To all the times when You helped me And supported me- Thanks.....

Rest of the list of my goody good pals include...Tara, Sulo, Tap, Pri, sow,Prem bharath, Ragul, Appu, krithika, Pranav....... You all dont really know, how much i owe You, In small ways U made a great difference In My life...... :)

Hoping for Greater moments.....
:) :)

Awesomely Good, Is The Way I Call It... :)

My college life, My Dream Of Freedom And research.... I stepped Into It..... Hostel Life Was new.... People were new.... Their thoughts didnot even dare to match my wavelength... I am not saying this to boast about what i know.... its just that I never even dared to dream that such people do exist..... :)
To be Very frank, Everything about the place was very depressing to my colleagues... I Still dont understand why i love that place.... There is A serene touch of nature... simplicity in The minds Of people.... Amidst chirping of birds, Ringing of bells, Yummy smell of food, When sun pours over my head, I begin my day..... Such A peace existing over there, i know my mind is calm and my head is clear....
I never thought In my whole life I would Sit under A tree And read.... Walk around the lawn And talk.... Sit under the moon and have dinner with a gang of chatty friends... sleeping at odd times, waking at more odd times ;) Going to library to read newspapers..... Awesome is the way i describe it...... :)
Conservative minds, Conclusive ends, Single Girl In Department, Still Talking To My School mates... sounds very lonely right??? But it doesnot seem that much lonely to me.... I have my aim... and strange enough unexpected peple are caring for me..... Thats heartening...
All i want to say is, just bend with every phase life offers you to experience .... dont say that you Are not Made for it..... You will experience new emotions, just like what I did....... :) :)

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