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"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another."

Is what they said and I guess, they must have meant it, as it nostalgia is drumming in my head right now.
There is nothing static in our stay in this world. We always undergo a series of changes. Sometimes for the betterment of ourselves, sometimes for the love of others. Sometimes destiny makes us do and we don't realise why we do it, we just let it happen because we feel it is for good.

Right now, I am changing my residence. 
Ya, I have always been known as the girl who stayed next to school. But nobody knew the place I was born. How Dad and I used to go on long strolls. How Grandpa and I used to clean bikes. How mom and I used to cook. (Hell yeah, I was a joker in the lot :P I never cooked until last year, but then at the age of five holding a spoon was cooking, in my world) 
And when I was in 4th we came to this place, the one which I am in now. I grew up in here to be frank. I learnt to socalise to behave and mature. Understood my responsiblities, fell in love with engineering. Realised what life is all about, relished all of the moments that God had bestowed upon me. My first crush, my infatuation, my friends and my books! This home had witnessed lot of it. Lot? No, every bit of it. This pillow of mine, I hugged in fright, excitement, love and happiness.

People who know me since 2-3 years wouldn't understand. But then before that I was completely different than what I am now. Totally tomboyish, outdoor and hot-tempered. The transition to a responsible person with a stable head took place in this place, I wouldn't be wrong if I said I got the guts to trust the decisions I take, in here. My insecurities which were big, finally got hackneyed and appeared small.
My dad is still smiling as I am penning this down. Packing every small little memory this home gave me. From my crush's gift, to my besties bday gift to the chocolates I got, to my key chain collection to my X-ray reports to the every li'l book and page I treasured- my novels, my diaries (since 7th, ya I do write even today) to tinkle and everything! 

I am a person who lives by memories- creating them and relishing them. I know tomorrow when I finally leave this place, I cannot come back. But, I somehow don't feel bad for it. It is kind of like, I think it is time I move fro here. 
And it is not like I am going to some new place. It is the same place where I was brought the minute I came to this world. My first blabber, my first walk, my first cry - everything had been in there. 

Awaiting to see more of what I am destined to get. This life is just getting better, And I just cant tell you how much I love this!!!  :)

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