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One thing that never stops amazing me is – People. I seriously don’t get the plot in their heads, like you go about saying you understand the importance of relationships. You tell me, if I had a boyfriend/girlfriend, Ill fight it all out, Ill make them the happiest and what not? You tell me you long for someone who chooses to be by your side, remember chooses- it’s a choice they make. You tell me that you wish to trust someone such that it never hurts or hurt. But why do you refrain yourself from taking the first step.
Let alone taking the first step. That’s too much for anyone to do right, obviously how can your excellency do the honours. Silly me, Sorry. Leave that aside. You say you understand the importance of relationships, do you?
No you don’t and Ill tell you why. They don’t have names, yes that’s why you don’t respect relationships. Oh, I am sorry I am not speaking about any prince charming or damsel story here. Infact, its not about love at all. Relationships aren’t just the marital love or any affair. Relationships include everthing, arent they way beyond that?  Right from the smile you ignore when you travel or the goodbye you don’t care replying for or the person next door or your roommate or say a name, Ill add it to the list.
Its disheartening to see people being aloof, just because some relationships are not named. Just like the person who takes the same bus as you every singke day, since forever. One day he doesn’t turn up, you catch yourself wondering, you miss their presence- might be for a fleeting moment, but you do miss. And then they are back the next day, the urge to ask them what happened the previous day, dies from within. Just Why? Is he going to be rude. You assume he will, because poking our nose in others affairs is not our thing. That’s not good manners aint it?
Similarly at office, you know the guy sits there since you ever joined. A simple ‘You’re ok? Do you need to speak?’ wouldn’t hurt at all. You never know when you might end up needing one.
And I am in a way not blaming you individual as well. Because, apparently that’s not the way plot works. Some one being too kind or lively is taken. Taken for granted. People would choose to stare at them, see whomever they talk to, how they talk but would never see why they do what they do.
So many people are worried about staying away from home, missing this, missing that, forgetting that today is also a part of their life. Again as I said it, you chose something that led you wherever you are today. Its choices that makes us change places and paces in life.
Of all the people I have met in my life so far, be it in Chennai, Trivandrum, Pune, Loughborough, Leicester or Coventry many have asked me do I miss home? Ill tell you today the truth. There is only one person I miss more than anyone in the whole world. Ill choose to call him AH. Ill tell you why as well.
It was a typical day at work back in UK, I was doing my daily routine. But in the back of my head there was only one thing that was running- dad didn’t sound too good over the phone. Usually at 10:40 every single day, I go to refill my waterbottle.And AH used to come to get his coffee during the same time. Just a nod and quick hello would be our conversation level. Every day. That day I did nod, but he could see that something was bothering me. He asked, I told him. He casually said that everything would be ok. I never saw or met him after that as I had shifted my location. I wanted to tell him a goodbye but couldn’t do so. But to my utter surprise, 30 days later, I received a mail in my personal inbox. It was from him. Didn’t have much details, just this:
“Hey sorry it took too long to get your personal mail id from here. I hope you reached safe and your dad is doing good. Please let me know if I can be of any help anytime. Cheers!”
I swear, I cried.  And I miss him today, not because he precisely understood every thought of mine, always stood by my side, promised to marry me or anything of that sort. But just that when I took a step back, he cared enough to check if it was ok, even though he really didn’t have to do that. I didn’t owe him any money any trust any promise or nothing at all. Still,he chose to care. I know people who take all that and choose to just hurt. Well anyways.
 Today when I am stressed, I wished we had more people like him around, who cared for who is right next to them at the moment, than who are probably comfortable miles apart.
You cant take along everyone as you go ahead in life. Not even your better half all the times. Just try being a little human to everyone around you right now please? I know you don’t really care, yet can you start acting like you do please?
And with all due respect, before you people put on your judgemental hats and ask me how come I never miss my dad or mom or bro or my best friend, I am sorry- they know me well enough to understand my feelings. If you think I don’t repect these relationships, I am even more sorry. Some people suffer from a certain rare case of insanity. My best wishes for you to get well soon.
The world needs compassion, more than love. Apparantely I don’t think there are going to be any endorsements for it too. But maybe, a self-realisation should help?
And atleast if you cant take the first step to be good to someone, donot ignore little acts of kindness. J
Hoping atleast someone gets a comforting shoulder today!
Dedicating to my pen friend , to one of the kindest people I have met! J J

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