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And then you see that, just like when the morning sun starts pouring down your usual joggers trek. The journey seems dull and lifeless at the start, with darkness all around and your unwillingness to move. Then you begin to step ahead, you feel better; take a few steps more you feel like you can survive. Then just when you are about to give up saying that this normalcy is going to depress the days ahead and no hope remains- It happens. Just like the rising sun slows erases the darkness whilst the dawn, happiness blooms in your life. You take a step ahead thinking, Hmm- Lets see if it gets better. Then more happiness. Then as you get mesmerised by the slow changes, you suddenly realise that how darkness has completely vanished and the reddish orange sun is blazing in all its glory.

The same color reflects on the facial blush, as the smile grew from one ear to another. There is no ecstatic feeling than the realisation that you are happy without the one thing that you longed for. The smiles become frequent, the blush roots deeper. There is always a little kid in us, nomatter-how-old-you-get.24-it-makes-you-behave like you like 2 and 4. 26 makes you behave like 2 and 6. One longs for that fleeting happiness, no matter where it resides, those laughters that echo through the green meadows, those hushes and whisphers that remind us of the chime of the waves, the silence that traverses through the wood, the fresh chirp of the birds and the faint gloat of fog. 

And then, there are those days when you felt you never have to dream, because this is what reality is all about, its about pain. Then you find the little reason to get the upward curve.


Affection in any of the form is very subtle, before you know it creates ripples around. And love that blooms through hatred is unique of its kind. Its like you already have a million reasons why the person annoys the hell out of your life. The voice that echoes through the entire chamber, per contra never speak a word to you. If affectionate stares could kill, we’d all be dead someday. The feeling of jealousy that rages ahead, as random strangers kindle conversations and strike bonds, even as these star-crossed lovers seek solace in silence. If words could explain the depths they feel for each other, I think even they would fall short apart. The casual stares, unexplained gestures, silent winks, meant apologies, subtle ignorance, unexplained care, meeting gazes and fleeting paces in the walks of life- This probably is the most beautiful phase of any relationship.

There ideally is never a may I? Should I? Is this right phase?- in the utmost form of love. You fall knowing its meant to be. Even when it walks backward, you bring it back on track. You fight for the things that you love. Nothing comes easy. 

Not even the destination as you jog. You long for light, then the heat turns up. You begin to jog harder. The light that you wished for in the life begins to cause annoyance that you wish it was dark. One can never fathom the whims and fancies of the human mind. Always longing for the one that it shan’t have. I need light. I need dark. No, I need light. Well dark seems better. Whatever it is light or dark, one never gets to quit moving. 

And one shouldn’t either. This is the palette of our life. There are shades of grey and shades of blue too. Someday you bask in sunshine, sometimes you dwindle in moonlight, whatever it might be fight for all the things you need with all your might.

It is very important for us to realize if we are in love with the person, the idea of love overall or in love with the mirage that we have etched in our hearts. Most of us aren’t sure if we really need the one thing that we are chasing about or fighting for. The fluttering of hearts and enchantingly complaining lips would mute if you aren’t sure if this is what its supposed to be like. As heart breaking it is, its important to realize that something’s aren’t meant to be and something’s are. Let go of those who don’t belong to you.

Ironically, hold on tight to those who do. One spends traversing many miles wondering if they should or not. You don’t find love. It finds you. And when it does, you need to let it take over your life. One step can lead to many wonders. But the willingness to soar ahead with someone should glorify the path.

Lastly, past weighs in all of our life. We all have a emotional baggage that we are never willing to unpack. The rash decisions that we took, the expectations that gloomed into disappointments, the care that was taken as trouble, the emotional shatters and everything. One can never format and restart the life. One shouldn’t as well, the pain moulds us into the right forms. The least one can do is, when someone is willing to walk along, take their hand and move ahead. Brooding over pain and spreading hatred isn’t the way one should lead the life. You end up being that one person whom you hated all long.

Because you never know when subconsciously treat someone the way you never wanted to be treated. 

Because you never know, when you will become that devil, that you always warned others of. The devil that remained aloof to other’s emotions. 

Half way through, reigning in togetherness, the journey renews. Doesn’t matter whether its dawn or dusk, the togetherness will always bloom. In darker days, world lights up in smiles. In sunny days, the blush casts a shade of sky.

The illusion of destinations might seem beautiful, but how good is it if its sans love. Sometimes the triumph of eternal love doesn’t begin with the cupid’s arrow. It begins with hi and hello.

Lastly, Love the heart that hurts you, don’t hurt the heart that loves you. 


Sti :)

Mesmerised by the moves of the world!

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