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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

Who knows what lies across the bend.
I hope its just not the end,
For the heart that bleeds never speaks,
Its just so low and never leaks,

The one that wounds it lies so strong,
The one that is wounded feels so wrong,
The heart that bleeds has a frown,
The heart that bled it wears a crown.

Oh, is it even so fair to be bled,
After all the tears that I shed,
I thought things would go red,
But right now I feel so dead.

Mending into the mystical mood,
Finding things to feel good,
Walking around the vintage woods,
Wearing an emotional hood.

'Are the miles to be traversed alone?'
I asked with a faint groan.
To my princess I would've flown.
But now, my dreams are totally blown.

How would I ever tell you what I felt,
How would ever know how I melt,
The faint smile of yours made me welt,
Your heart is where I would have dwelt.

Yet you toss me like a trash.
And I fell down with a loud crash.
And sustained with a few rash.

But the heart that bleeds knows no rhyme.
It just sings along in the sands of time.

Hoping that someone will pick up the pieces
And remove those intricate creases.

And make it work hale and fine,
And making it glitter in all shine!!


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