All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

People Of The Indian Clan have A Great Knack.. Knack Of Forgeting Things, Reacting Too Much And Making Competitors Miserable...

Oh No... Please Dont Misunderstand anything.. I get Along with my college folks more than wat i got along with anyone in my
And after many days.. With an empty stomach (thanks 2 all power cut prbs ..kudos!!) And a more heavier heart,.. (wish I was Home.. typing this wud've been a pleasure!) I'm Here To Tell U The Story Of The Single Girl... C'mon now.. clap :P

It all begun when I hated electronics.. Till today I wonder Why.. thanks To My Super Scientist daddy.. I Had had enough of electronics in my life.. Anyways kirchoff never made any sense to me... Neither do todays sessions of DIAC s TRIACs
And Boldly :P (Self -appraisal) I Took Mechanical engineering.. Rather A Branch Of it.. Automobile I Guess.. :)

In The Age Where girls Use Anti-Aging Creams At The Age of 18... Golden Glow.. (Might Me Midas Touched it.. lol) I was Put up In A Class.. Wait A Sec.. I Have To Smile.. Theres Another Person Who Is Staring At Me... Across the Corridor.. Sigh!!

People I Tell U All These Days I Had Had Enough Of Gossips About And As To Why I Had Taken Automobile Engineering..
Some Reasons Which I Had Never Thought In A Lifetime..
Like I Wanted The Attention Of Guys.. Undivided Fyi... I wouldve become a model or something like that or maybe even more worse If it was true.... I tell U this More Frankly...

And Yes... I Do walk almost some 10 km everyday.. from the first ray of the morning sun to the scorching heat till the eve with the chirping birds...
And Yes... I do Feel Bad When I Have To Sit Alone In The First Bench.. And Never Have Anyone To Ask For Herlp, Or Doubts Or Maybe Even An Extra-Pen During Classes...
And Yes... Sometimes people Think I'm No Good In Running Engines.. And I Stay Away Just Because I've Never tried em.. Untill This week.. When I Came 2 know I Can....
And yes.. I Can easily slither beneath a vehicle Look inside and come out of it, even more easily.. It isn't awkward...
And yes.. I Always travel Alone.. And Everyone Knows That.. That Doesnt Mean I Want Company... Its Heavenly To be This Way Too!!
And yes.. I don't think Whomever I end up with in my life would have problems with my studying in such an atmosphere.. And I think there is no point in explaining this to anyone..

And If You Still Want To Know The Reason Why I Chose This Field,

Its called "PASSION"
One Word Is Enough For A Life-Time..
And This Feeling Is Much More Stronger Than What Any Girl Feels For A Guy, Or what any mom feels for her son!

With Loads Of Love,
To All People Who Still Think I'm In The Wrong Place,
Its Not That Way!



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