All that you wanted to know

It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

Try reading this then.....

1. why do girls tell beautiful lies whereas guys cover all lies beautifully?!
2. why do guys love to drive but girls to sit beside?!

3. why do guys always bend on their knees and girls always shed tears?!

4. why is it that whenevr it comes to paying the bill the guy has to do it and whenever it comes to planning the time and location the girl takes the upper hand?!

5.why is it that guys reasonlessly smile and girls wantedly blush?!

6.why is that guys talk a lot and girls think a lot?!

7.why is it that girls love red a lot while guys think black is more royal?!

8.why is it that girls don't like to share their personal stuffs to everyone while guys boast about it to every soul?!

9.why is it that girls always think that they know the maximum about the guys while guys feel that girls are impossible?!

10.why do guys confuse relations while girls live in relations?!

11.   why do girls fall in love whereas guys flirt in love?!

Last but not the least......



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