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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

Now after many days i decide that some stuff has to be written you know because blogs are read by people........

After having such an intention i go about thinking what to write at this hour of the day..... exams on my head, i can feel the burden....  It is going to be fun i think.... much to your surprise eh? I love exams coz once you get the question papers you get the surprise which you have been waiting for the whole year.... Which objective, which is the important question we keep wondering the whole year..... The surprise would be over once we get hold of the paper......

"Everything is a passing phase" my dad reminds me... as he holds his little princess hands when we go to the hall.... I look at him with a confident smile.. my best friend ..l. and yeah mum hoping that everything must go fine... Just like the indian women silent true prayers... from the depth of the heart.....

Many feel that exams are the times when our intelligence and hard work is tested.. some even feel that exams are not enough to do that.... It is a silly concept to judge people based on a 3-hour test.. But i feel that efficient people need just a second to prove their worth not three hours... 

yeah.. not to say people change when it is exams... suddenly computer seems your enemy... some even don't hesitate to attibute their doings to others... I have seen many doing that... To all there is just one word.... the world is round... you will realise that some  day.....

With a surge of emotions, i go into the hall....... Confidence is a great asset and overconfidence is a greatweakness.... I knew that from my past and even from my friends lives.... I knew that everything would happen good--- optimism a ray of hope.... 

Three hours we write irrespective of our thoughts... I see my best frend doing her work... I see a  smile---- a smile full of warmth.... again, optimism.....

After three hours i leave the examination hall feeling the burden gone.... Everything happens for good.... and while hoping--- lets hope that it is for the best!!!!!!! Seeing a warm smile on my friends phase i remember my dads words as he was talking to me

                        " Everything is a part and parcel of our life... no matter what happens the world around you may,probably, change..... But just because things fall apart does nt mean that you are finished... there are many oppurtunities.... this is just the beginning...."

ya... and i realise again.... WELL BEGUN=HALFDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


superb dear...:)

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