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It Is All I Ever Wanted To Say.... :)

All my posts are based on some conceptions... well, people love o categorise others... Its a human tendency... Some do it as simple as say... tall or short? right or wrong? good or bad? up Or down?

I Categorise as::

yea folks... Its about psychology again! :D This must mostly not be a new topic for you... its an age old confusion.. Heart Or Brain??
So what does my topic actually mean?
Some people live in their worlds, some people live in this world :P
Some people do what they "feel", some people do what they "think"
For Some
Problems means "a Personal stress", Others Problems means "professional Inability"
And thus:
Some live by their heart And some by their Brain... :)
Of course to do some research work on this before i could actually quip what I felt....
I read this passage...

When the heart is listened to, it sends a signal to the brain (an afferent nerve current that goes up) and it goes to the brain. It tells the brain what to do. Now, we know what a tussle that can be when we are going back and forth, back and forth. When we become aware of the fact that we are doing it, that is the key - ah-ha! Here I am. My heart is saying I want to do this in this situation and my mind is saying such and such; then we can stop ourselves and examine what we are doing and why we are doing it. That is why I say it is a practice because if people really want to ingest this and take it in and begin to do it, it is going to be something that happens every moment of every day. You are going to catch yourself looking at something and doing something by rote rather than allowing the brain to receive new information and trying something new on for size. Take babysteps. Don't go out and do something like quit your job because that is what your heart is telling you for the very first thing you are going to do.

So how many of you agree to this...??

Is It True that our hearts and brains are perfectly coordinated?

Do we do everything After consulting both....???

Think A Minute....

Jus Close Your Eyes...

The Last Time You Attended An Interview (or say college councilling)... Did You Ever Feel That The Job Was Going To Be Yours... Did You Have An Emotional Thought?

And Secondly...

The last Time You Told a guy/girl that you like them.... did you ever ever think about what you were hinting... And if that was practically possible??


neverrrr... No... we dont !!!

We Never Integrate Both... THey Both Act Separately.... When We Talk About Professional Things... We Think That Since It Involves Education.... It Just Means Brains... NO Heart...

Completely Wrong...

Have You Ever felt that an engineer stared at his medical counterparts books and felt" reading about human anatomy is better than that of machines anatomy?" "If I could win an elocution competition why should i not be a lawyer,... Y am I Engineer????"

Millions of Questions Running In Millions Of Minds!!!!!!!!


Feel.... You Didnot have the feeling... Feeling that you were an engineer... you never imagined yourself to be one.... Cuz so much worried about your ability... You were so much worried about whether or not you would get it... Rather than whether you raelly want it....

like this story:

Once there was this kid sitting on the lawn of his home... He saw many kids on the road who were playing and really wanted to be with them and enjoy... But couldnt... he was a rich kid... And they were labourers descendants... Hierachy mattered for both! they couldn't afford to lose that... And once when the rich kid say the labourers dip raw ice in colored syrupy water and call it an Ice-Cream... He was so tempted and went and took one..

He was The Type Of Kid Who Never Ate chocolate Ice-Creams... Without sauce and chips... :P And thus he tasted and spat and on the floor....

Moral: Most of the times people do things just cos others do... Not because they really want... :)


getting back to our story :P

that way people never feel what they want and what they don't... :) Brains are Good in this way... I really appreciate... But Remember Dont Do SO Much For something you don't want... :D

Regarding the other half of the story...

This ones got to be the Best story to explain what I want to...

She was my friend... Not very close... Yet Not very far.. I still remember those moments when I Attended her marriage ceremony!

He was a guy... Of course a guy... Who was very hi fi... Like techie... An electrical engineer wired ina ll wrong sense,... too matrialistic to appreciate things around him.....

She was a girl... For whom Imagination meant world.... Appreciating others talents and beauty meant lifer :)

And when they met....


She came to me running... Saying that he was the best guy... He loved her a lot... He had told her so! She meant how could that not be true!!! I told her to stick to the ground and not fly high... She cried and said... That I was Jealous of her... Her Best Friend suddenly was no more! Seems No guy Would ever Love me.,.. And That Way I Had A Reason to Be Jealous! Little was I hurt By Her words... All The More I felt Sorry... Sorry for her...

And sitting in the marriage aisle... still my mind was vividly picturising those moments...

Initially, things did go on well.... They hanged out a lot... And she Tried a lot to impress him with her poetry and looks... he tried a lot to say her about what he was going to invent and what he was planning to do in it...

Little that the guy know that the girl wanted him to appreciate her looks... not talk About science!

Little that the girl knew that the guy wanted the girl to assist him in his work... And Not Behave in silly way!

And know what is the most funniest and ironic thing...


And today she had completely gone over him... Marrying someone else.... :)

Well, happy for her i thought :)

Get up people.... Story over...

So the point is though both were intrested in each other... they never reallly thought if it was worth practically.... Though A guy can be practically can make head spin! :)

Solution lies in applying your brain.... Obviously...

So Do You Live By Your Heart Or Brain.....?

Soon to be decided in the posts to come :)


Sti :)


Do You Live By Your Heart Or Brain.....?

Both my brain and heart is not answering to the above question? lol.

You really do think too much :) really interesting :)

@ragul... I meant that You would know ans to the questions in the posts to come... :)
@ vignesh... lol... Thank U

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You really made me to think abt dis......awesome dr.....

thanks :)

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